Blame it All to Them

For me, I am a perfectly knitted doll who may have some button holes but still possesses beauty in spite of these imperfections.

We are all unique in our own ways, and that's not just because God made us perfectly different from each other but also, on how the way we were raised. Surely, we all have different parents which has their own ways of raising their children (unless of course if my sister is reading this). Contrary to what people believes during mother or father's day, for me, there is no such thing as perfect parents, mine actually admitted that they still ought to learn something for the better. But fortunately, I was raised well... very well. And this post is to show you guys the culprits of why I am what I am today.

My parents would never hit us for our mistakes but they will always explain why the thing we did was wrong. When they say a condition, they will really do it. One instance, I went home late and they have already locked the door, and I have to wait and sob and plead for one hour before they had opened it. They also have this one option thing that they imposed when my sister and I entered high school: Magboyfriend ka o Magaaral ka? Yes, you read it right, if we will have boyfriends, they won't give us money for our education, so it means no school... no friends... no allowance! So that is why I never had a thought of peeking to them. Duhh?? I would rather be loveless than money-less! And thank God they did that, I had focused on my studies and everything went well.

Blame bedtime stories for the writer within me. I was raised with every Disney fairy tales you might know and sometimes, my mom also makes a sort of epilogue derived from the original story. Maybe it is also the reason why I am really fond of novels and other reading stuffs, coz i was literally raised with them. I remembered some other local fiction stories they used to tell me like: Ang alamat ng mga Aswang, Ang mga Tikbalang sa Ulap and plenty other more... oh that may have been the reason why I am very coward.

My mom told that she was in loved with the A.M station DZMM when I was still on her tummy. I know, it sound very uncivilized for me to believe that maybe, this is why I am a very passionate campus journalist and an aspiring professional one. Was that just a coincident or my cells had been molded through their sound waves?

My parents cared for us so much that they wouldn't take the risk of us being so tired- that's why I never learned some hard household chores. When I entered highschool, I was really amused that people on my age can cook and do the laundry- now that's very embarrassing. When I have learned about those kinds of stuffs, I made it my own expedient to learn some chores on my own, and fortunately, I succeed.

I am very sure that the belief of Santa Claus's existence determines on how a child might just grow as. We, the Gulin siblings, were raised with the truth that he exists. I was very observant on what I do before, since it would be an affecting factor of Santa's gift to me. When i did something wrong, I see to it that I will reconcile as soon as I can, especially when Christmas is near. I always get what I want from Santa, and I am proudly one of those kids who would stay very late at night just to catch him do the magic... but I never succeed. I am very sure this is the reason why I have grown up to be an optimistic, jolly and disciplined girl.

How about you? How were you raised?

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  1. You're very lucky. Most of my time growing up, I spent my time learning things all on my own because my parents were both working abroad and we only get to spend time with them once a year. I guess there was an up side to all of that. You, with your parents guidance, were able to become who you are now...disciplined, focused and having a goal. Despite my parents absence while growing up, I learned to become independent and strong; being able to face problems on my own. I can totally relate with the "no boyfriends" thing, my parents does the same thing with me. It's either boys, or school. Of course, school and actually having an education is more important. :D