Yes, you read it right, outrageous writer is celebrating its first anniversary.

Time flies so fast, it seems like it is only yesterday when I was lying on my bed, trying to figure out what blog address will fit me the best. I really don't know why and how I started blogging. Just so you know guys, I have to blogs before: Sunshine Girl and Rheiyapot.

Sunshine Girl

I made this blog out of a certain urge within me to help people around 2006 I guess. It was filled with advices and tips about almost everything. Because it was my first time on blogging, I thought everything would be surreal. I remembered my mind setting before: I'll be famous because I am helping people and I am building my own niche. Sorry, but that's the truth, I started blogging with the hope of being famous and inspiring people.
But I came out of ideas and problems to solve, so I ended up stopping it. I was a massive poster that time, like three posts a day. All throughout the sunshine girl thingy, I realized that blogging was made to express, not to impress, the same old saying goes.


I am actually ashame of this, haha. It was a teeny-booper blog, like I POST THiS WAY AND EVEN COLOR iT WEiRDLY. There's nothing much to say about this blog, not because I am ashame of it but because its really nothing. I post random pictures and do some two liner captions and that's all. I killed it before it haunt me.

Outrageous Writer

So this is what you're reading at this very moment. This is the real and matured Rhea, no facades, no copying, just purely me. This blog had stand the test of time though it has only been up for one year. I actually thought of erasing this because of I am running out of topic, but thank God he didn't let me. The main aim of this blog is to serve as my portfolio of my articles, since I am really lazy to write down all of my ideas.
This blog actually surprised me, I had more than enough traffic even though I ain't building any niche in the world of blogging. It just proved me the credibility of the phrase: Be true to yourself.

But honestly, I am getting tired of blogging again, maybe because I think I failed (or will be failing) to get what I want for years now, which is an own domain hosted in wordpress. If you have been a constant reader, you won't be puzzled with this because this past few days, I have been changing my themes almost everyday with the hope of seeking contentment.

Sorry, I can't help myself to post this video. Its just simply awesome.

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  1. Happy birthday to your blog! Don't worry, I think some of us if not all, had those blogs where you cringe at your own words when you look back at them. I still keep my blogger blogs because those are the blogs that I used when I was in highschool. I always laugh at myself whenever I read my past posts but what the hell. It was fun during that time anyway. :)

  2. Congrats! I wishyou more years on the blogging world! :)

  3. Happy birthday to your bloggie! If you want I can give you a free .info domain for you to start on again. Just let me know. :)

    Visiting here from MySweetScape.

  4. Congratulations to your blog Rhea! I'm hoping that you would still continue for the next years to come! God bless!

  5. belated happy bday to ur blog :) i really like ur blog a lot!