"Dog"gone Experience

So maybe you all know guys that my sister and I joined the contest of the LBC United Football League and fortunately, we won the first spot, and we claimed our prizes yesterday. There was also a game between Kaya FC and Air force, so we had the chance to meet (not greet) some of the Azkals :D

Kaya FC having their meeting before the game.

Kaya FC (in red) and Air force (in yellow) shaking hands before the game.

First half.

Free kick for the Air force.

Jerry Barbaso came before the second half. He sat behind me for like thirty minutes but I wasn't sure if it was him since my sister, who apparently knew every player around us, wasn't with me at that time.

Air force guarding the ball.

Aly Borromeo and Chieffy Caligdong running for the ball.

Me and my sister with Aly Borromeo!

With Anton Del Rosario.

With Aly Borromeo. Again.

With Anton Del Rosario. Again.

(insert drum roll please) With Chieffy Caligdong! We waited for him outside the shower room, pinasabik pa kami. hahaha :D But i love him veeerryyy much! haha

Good thing my cousin was brave enough, coz the two of us were so shy to get close to them. hehe. Aly was the one who scored the sole goal of the game which brought victory to Kaya FC.
I don't know if it was good that James Younghusband was not there, if he was, I should have went home unconscious. No Ian Araneta for us :'(

Aly Borromeo's jersey.

The fucking one-year supply of Gatorade.

This thing happened some days after I was so depressed about the Bieber concert- destiny. hahaha

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  2. That's awesome. Good for you. I don't know much about theAzkals but I remember my friend and I saw Phil Younghusband this summer during our internship. lol.

  3. omg! awesome! im so jelly. i like anton del rosario! so sad you didn't see james.

  4. You are so lucky to have your pictures taken with them! :D

  5. omg haha i was here too :)) but just for a bit minute had plans to hang out at the mall.. and oh this is where I study :))

    Lucky you sis <3

  6. OMG! you're like the luckiest person to be able to watch the Azkals' play!!! :) And you even have some photos with some football guys! gah! I so envy you now sis. ahihihihihi.. :)

    Anyway, congrats on winning and yo deserve it! *cheers!* :)