Earn Money Online: The Real Deal

Admit it. We are all fascinated about the fact that we can earn money through our online influences and knowledge. There are tons of ways to make a living online, but honestly, I think that it is very rare to have a full time work in the internet, especially when you only have it as a hobby or a past time. But again, earning a buck or two through your everyday groove, which is surfing the net, would surely be adequately perfect.

But just like the money making industries in reality, there are also risks you have to take while trying to earn money online. You might stumble upon a scam program, on which you would have to pay for nothing or pay to earn half of what you have deposited on their company; there are also other sites (or online employments) which will let you do the work they needed, and will suddenly disappear when they have all that what they have asked you and; the all time waiting in vain for pending approvals. As far as what I have experienced, it is impossible to earn big money online, except if you have been inclined with the internet since from the very beginning, which will mean you lots of experience and connections, or you're a stockholder of Google or Facebook.

Not bragging, but luckily, I have found some ways to legitimately earn online, and I would be delightful to share some tips and ways I have benefited from before.

1. Venture your talent
First thing is first- determine the thing you are absolutely good at. This could be either blogging, web designing, technical writing and plenty other more fields could do, as long as you are confident that you can do all the jobs under it perfectly. I prefer writing jobs, since I am very sure that I will be numb if I will take designing assignments because i really suck on visual arts. Bare in mind that while trying to earn money, you are also building a reputation, which may also be a factor in finding a good work in the internet. The quality of your work should always e first in line.

2. Be Wise
Taking risk is far different from being stupid. Don't be fooled about the easy-money campaign advertisements other online companies do to attract people, there are no such thing as easy-money except in the lottery. And also, if you find something suspicious in the site you are about to sign up for, try Googling about it first for some reviews and feedbacks. Speaking of Google, Google is a good pathway towards online money resources.

3. Be Dedicated
I myself is guilty for this: I really work hard in finding ways to earn money online but once I get a legitimate opportunity, I will be lazy enough not to work. Just like in reality, all jobs require effort and perseverance.

4. Have an extreme amount of patience
Extreme means to the highest level. Again, no easy money. You shall take time on learning how www works and how you can use it for your own good. You shall also build connection and a personal buzz around the internet, so other people might refer you to future employers or will give you other resource site since they think you deserve the luxury they are experiencing.

5. Online Employment
As for my experience, this is the best way to earn real money online. There are tons of online agencies, that is what I call them, that can easily connect you to employers or product assignments. The most famous of all would probably Odesk and Elance. I have an account on both sites, but for me, Odesk is still better. Odesk has more opportunity than Elance since they are more known to the advertising and employment industry. For freelance writers like me, I can suggest you go and sign up for Essaywriters and Freelance-writers. Actually they are sister companies, and their procedures are exactly the same. You might have a hard being accepted, since they are very sensitive even on small details, but once you are in, you would have no thoughts of going out.

6. Online Business
Aside from selling service, you can of course sell products too. As far as I believe, Multiply has been the first cavern of online entrepreneurs, but as of now, because people are more flocked on facebook than other sites, it has been the first option for business men. Sulit and Amazon are also have good reputations on being third parties for buyers and procedures. I myself want to sell some of my stuffs because I realize I have more books than clothes.
Online stores have its pros and cons. Pros: Less worries and less hassle since your products would just stay in hour house or place and interested customers are just one message away; Cons: Bogus buyers, those who will let you send your product while they pay nothing.

7. Blogging
If you are currently reading this, then you may have a blog too. Other bloggers are very much familiar about earning money through blogging, but for newbies, I would gladly teach all of you how. First one is through advertisements like Google Adsense, Nuffnang,Chitika and Bidvertiser, on which I am currently working (or have worked) on. Second is through sponsored posts wherein you will blog about a certain company, product or website that aims to add buzz for them. The sites I am currently registered on are: SocialSpark, SponsoredReviews, Blogsvertise, PayPerPost and Buyblogreviews. Other sites I am planning to register on: ReviewMe, LoudLaunch, PayU2Blog and Creamaid. Third is by selling links in your blog. I am currently registered on TextLinkAdds only, since I really don't think it can give me good compensation. Some sites referred by sis Nadine.

8. Microjobs
I call it microjobs since it can only give you little amount of money since you only do little jobs. If you do not have enough patience, then I suggest you go skip this paragraph. The most famous of all would probably be PTC sites, or Paid To Click sites. I am currently working on Neobux and Clixsense because I think they are the most trusted ones. You can also be paid by posting and starting topics on forums like MyLot and plenty other more. If you use Twitter, you can also promote products or companies through your tweets by using SponsoredTweets and ChurpChurp .

9. Paypal
Of course, this is last but not the least. Set up a fixed online method that you will use on your jobs and your payments. I personally use Paypal since it is very easy to use. But there are also some ways to cash out depending the job you are at.

I really hope I have helped you by sharing my tips and personal experience. But as I conclude this article, I can strongly say that real jobs are far better than digital ones. But little pennies won't hurt right :D
For those who are earning already, help others bloggers (and me haha) by adding more tips and advices! You can comment below :D

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  1. Interesting. I put Nuffnang on my blog and I'm still new at it. :)

  2. hmm cool. i better try some of these. although some require a paypal account for pay out. the problem is, i dont have a credit card. clicked your nuffnang :)

  3. very well said! :D thank you so much for this post. you gave me more tips on how to earn money online. :))

    gave you an award http://vannice95.blogspot.com/2011/05/blog-awards-d.html

  4. I did register on those paid post thingy, but I didn't blog much then and I always migrated to other blogs so I couldn't keep up with page rank and all (some paid post site need you to have an okay page rank yes?).

    But I definitely will not quit trying! I suppose you can always find offline job aka regular job, but online job is one cool thing, too :D

  5. thanks for this post! i'll definitely do one of this. :)

  6. Cool! :) Rhea, any tips on how to improve the page rank? :P

  7. wow.. this is very helpful sis! thanks for sharing it over! :)

  8. Will be doing this soon! Thanks for the infos. :)

  9. THIS POST... I LOVE!!
    Thanks for the tips. Helped me a lot! :>

  10. Yes, it's true!!Through online we can earn a lot. Thanks for the tips! It's a great help!

  11. What I love about your post is that you tell your experience about a scam program. It gives us an idea on how we can have a good online job in internet. Good job!

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  13. Don't worry, you've helped a lot buddy! It reveals how online earning can be achievable.

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