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Right at this very moment, I now formally declare myself as NORMALLIAN, if that is what the Phillippine Normal University students are being called. hehe. I would be taking up Bachelor of Arts in English, and I can say I am pretty happy and contented with my choice.

I faced all of the enrollment procedures alone because my mom was not allowed to go inside with me, since PNU has always been trying to teach their students, and upcoming students perhaps, on how to stand on their own. The over all procedure was very much organized, everyone was disciplined and there were no special treatments, and I do praise PNU for being that way. I have always been in love with old stuffs such as old railway trains, houses, dolls, and even old country songs, and from the very first time I have stepped foot on PNU, it was like a dream come true for me because it manifests an antique yet modernized ambiance.

That's my schedule. I was not able to plan it on my own because they were the ones who did it, but I can say that they made it perfectly. Since my earliest subject would be on 10 A.M and the least would only be 7 p.m, I declined the option of going to a dormitory. Oh by the way, we only paid 1,965 pesos. Jealous much?

Of course, I would not take the chance of not going to the famous 168 Mall, a famous mall-like-tianggean within Divisoria, and I would gladly share my voyage with you.

Me and my sister found fake Azkals shirts for sale for only one hundred pesos each. We were shocked, since we knew that it can only be bought at American Boulevard, their official distributor. There are still other designs there, including international football leagues but, we failed to take pictures of those since the saleslady was bugging around us.
It is kinda sad you know, how Filipinos say that they support The Azkals very much but then they are just using their stardom for their own benefit.
Pera pera lang talaga. Wag nating tangkilikin, dahil hindi yan sariling atin.

I really thought that it is kind of a gay shop since the mannequins (which I frustratingly forgot to photograph) was like men with bulky muscle with women's clothes. I was just my sister who explained to me that it was for plus sized women. Stupidity at its finest for me.

I really don't know what the hell these eggs are but they are just so cute. I think it is a sort of grow-a-plant-on-an-egg thing. The saleslady was not able to answer what was it too, since it was also her first time selling this kind of stuff.

The best finds!!

We got those four pairs of slippers for 300 pesos only! It was on a sort of package, when you buy a pair of slippers for girls, you'll get a pair too for boys. Pretty much ideal for couples.

Two for 600 pesos. Trust me, it looks more fabulous in person! I have always loved baggy and large shirts because they are so comfortable and stylish.

Its a growing grass head for 100 pesos! We found this beside the pink egg, and were very curious about it. It is a ball filled with fertile soil I guess. You have to put it in a container with water and when it sinks completely, you'll transfer it on the glass that was sold together with the ball (just like the one in the picture). There is a string down there, that will absorb the water on the glass towards the grass ball. Then after two to three days, grass will grow on its head like a hair!

I know its useless. But I better buy it rather than kill myself overnight because of curiosity.

And by the way, his name is CJ :D

We also went to 999 mall which is just in front of 168 (I am serious, its 999, I ain't puzzling you with numbers) and Tutuban mall (the gown capital of Manila hehe). It was nice there, but there were no great finds for us.

What makes you think I am not interested in shopping?

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  1. I loved going to 168 with my friends before I was pregnant. There are a lot of things you can buy there. Clothes especially. :)

    Our schools are very near each other. Oh how I miss Manila. :(

  2. Ohmygosh sis we have the same course! hahaha good luck sa atin in this new journey we're on! :D Sana maka-survive ako haha LOL. Anyway, I have always wanted to go to Divisoria! It's like a heaven for thrifty shoppers ;D

    Ang ganda nung growing grass head thingy! interesting! :D

  3. You had a great time, huh? :D Heehee. :D And you are now entering college! Goodluck! :D

  4. I have Bio too but not Math :)

    Classes start tomorrow, so good luck to me! :D

  5. wishing you the best of luck for college! :D and wow, that growing grass head thingy caught my attention! i want to buy it too, but i don't think it's available around here in our place. -__-

  6. Goodluck! Lapit lang ng school mo! See you? Lol.

    Anyways I went to 168 today too! Just sharing! :))

  7. goodluck on college! that growing grass head's interesting! i want one. haha