Greatest Musicians of All Time

I have been very inclined to music since the very first day of my existence (I kid not). I really have no particular stereotype in regards to music, as long as it catches my attention and the lyrics are not just talking about something trashy, expect me to fall in love with it. I have survived sudden eruptions of different music genre: pop, r.n.b, acoustic, punk, country songs, and a whole lot more and honestly, I have loved some of them very dearly, it is just now that it seems to me like I am having a battle against the whole world- I hate K-Pop.

Allow me to introduce to you the Outrageous Writer's hand picked greatest musicians of all time.

I know everyone will nod on this. Surely, since I am a 90's baby, I grew up with his music. I remember that when Thriller was being played before, I would run to my mom and hide because of the creepy zombies on the music video, but I would turn up the volume and sing with him. Honestly, I was not such a big fan of him when he was still alive, and it was just when he died that I have learned all of his songs. During the different tribute shows on the television after he dies, I found myself apparently very familiar to all of his song even though it was the first time I have heard it (or maybe I just forgot it). I watched all of his music videos and concerts in youtube, and I realized how a great performer he was. Even though I wasn't seeing him live, his energy passes through the monitor screen, and I kid not on that. Long live the King, he would always be remembered.

I guess I was just on my third grade when I first heard the Skater Boy, and from then I treated myself as her number one fan pretending that I knew everything about her. I love her, she is just way so fabulous. She popped on the music scene with a unique style and with her own niche, thus, making her very endearing. During the first phase of 2000, punk had always been characterized with dirty-looking-with-very-unpleasant-visual-appeal-boys, but there she was, pretty girl in sneakers. Since I was kinda bulol then, I often screw up all the lyrics of her songs. But now, I can proudly stand before all of you and sing the song you want me to, and I know every lyrics of it. Haha!

Again, like Michael Jackson, it was just after he died that I have appreciated his legacy. Little did I know that some of my all time favorite songs were originally sung by him : Cold Summer Nights, Girl Be Mine, Man form Manila and a whole lot more. I guess the song that really marked to the whole nation was his Mga Kababayan Ko, that brought out patriotism and nationalism to everyone's heart.
On the other hand, I feel sorry for the next generations, since the rap artists of today are not as pleasing as him and their songs are not as meaningful as his. Long live the Master, you would never be replaced. And by the way, I love your son Elmo.

Along with A1, Backstreetboys and N'Sync, Westlife had been the original fangirl-izers. I remember when my sister and I used to argue about them, coz I demand that Brian was the hottest while she said it was Nick, but now, I very much agree with her.

Hot, beautiful, talented and almost perfect- they are pretty much every girl wants to be. The song Viva Forever was the first one that marked through me, and it was mostly because of the very cute music video and its very solemn and endearing flow. My sister, again, was a big fan of them too. We bought original cassette tapes since there were no cd's before, and I have bought almost everything with the word Spice Girls on it.
Dear Spice Girls, nobody can ever replace you, even those cutie boppers with songs I can never understand.

You? Who are your favorite musicians?

P.S: I was inspired by sis Pearl :D

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  1. Heyy! haha.. It's not only you who is having a battle against the world! I'm not a fan of KPOP too! haha.. I mean, I only like 2NE1 only because we have Filipino pride there. I support all Filipinos kasi. hahaha.. xD

  2. OH MY GAAAH! I will never forget these music legends! I pity the future generation though. They won't be able to really appreciate the kind of awesome music we had way back LOL :)

  3. I also don't like KPOP. I hat singing songs that I even do not understand. Haha! We have the same favorites but I love A1 too and Eminem. Anyways, for the generation nowadays, they still have Gloc 9 for rap.

  4. MJ's the best and his death was really shocking! Heheh Nick is hotter than Brian and I still remember how I really loved their song "Unbreakable" before and the time when I watched a Westlife concert with my mom in Ireland:]

  5. Wow.fantastic! It’s always good to look at people who are masters of their field and see how they got to that point. I can’t stand movies and pop culture subject matter, but I’ve always recognized who's every one's talent as both an artist and a businessman. You’ve taken the things that made him successful and broken them down so anyone can use them to achieve goals. Great post! Very inspiring website.

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  6. MJ was the greatest musician and performer of all time. If you watch his concert videos, he danced continuously for hours, without any breaks. And I loved his passion for his work. He created the history and for a reason we call him the King of Pop.