New Haircut before the Rapture

Yesterday, my mom and I went to the mall to have my new haircut. Well, it isn't really new since I have had this hair already four years ago. And voi la! She -bangs baby :D

I bought a new head dress too. Just so you know, I collect head dresses.

When I have learned that miss Saab Magalona is featured on Young Star Philippines through Twitter, I searched the whole SM Fairview for a copy, and when I reached the National Bookstore and saw there was only one piece left, I almost crashed everyone who was blocking my way.

Looking sheepishly to my idol.

Photo by Hannah Reyes Saab is really pretty, smart and needless to say, she's very cool! I really love her from the bottom of my heart.

Young Star Philippine's article about Tumblr inspired me a lot, so I overhauled my messy Tumblr and changed it to a more-me blog, no pretentious acts, no copying, just me. It is now called defineoutrageous.tumblr.com Click Here to Follow Me :D

I have made my own Youtube Channel too, which will show the mad things happening to my life. Click Here to Subscribe!

Judgement Day
It has been a worldwide topic as of now, and it really pisses me off. The thing is that this is really rubbish, someone lied without even reading the Revelation I guess.
They concluded that May 21, which happens to be today, would be the Judgement day, and on October 21, exactly seven months from now, would the the end of the world. Just so you know guys, the whole Apocalypse would happen in seven years, not seven months.

There are things not yet done, such as the coming of the deceiving man who would make everyone believe that he is sent by God to bring love and prosperity. He would literally bring paradise in the Earth for three years, and on his fourth year,things would go a little weird which will then be the cause of unveiling the truth, the great man who will bring us paradise is an anti-Christ. And the next three years would be the worst nightmare ever, for those who don't believe God.

And also, Jesus Christ himself didn't know the exact date the Judgement Day would be when he was asked by His apostle, He said that it is only God Himself who knows everything about it.

It will come like a thief in the night when everyone is unaware.

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  1. and needless to say sis. you look very kawaii indeed with that hair. :) you seem to look like saab with that hair. :)

    [The Vintage Cupcake]

  2. Your hair looks nice. :) And about that end of the world thing. Nah. I really hate those people who believe in that nonsense.

  3. i don't believe on that as well because it is written specifically in matthew 24:36, "but about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father."

    Saab has a blog right? She is pretty!

  4. you look cute on your new haircut. ^_^

  5. Off-topic: I'm holding my first Challenge and Giveaway! Hope you could join! http://me.lt/9600Z

    I love Saab too. SHe is just too adorable!

    <3 GRYSHCO

  6. Ohhhh, bangs! :D Looks good on you! :-bd