Not a Boy, Not Yet a Man

It roots back from the Old Testament, and has been a dampening factor to a guy's comfort yet an auspicious topic to laugh about for the ladies. The practice has been standing the test of time and still never fails to diminish the angst of every man, well a soon to be man. The most dreadful surgery for every birds- circumcision.

Since me and my older sister don't have to face this kind of legitimate curse, it is a very new thing for our family, to the point that it has been a part to our everyday conversation. Even though of course my father had gone past this, this instance is really different, because this ought to be done by my brother- my only brother. Since he is the sole guy in our kin, we have gone really overprotective about him and needless to say, he is quite very spoiled. And we, especially my mother, can't even imagine him being circumcised, I can even imagine our facial expressions when that time comes, I bet we will all act like one of our family member is in coma.

But what is circumcising anyway? And what are its use? Is it just a sort of a ritual or something?

Don't get me wrong, this ain't a sponsored post, and I am in fact slightly awkward on blogging about this, but I just think I have to, because again, as what I have wrote earlier, it has been a daily topic around our households.
Male circumcision is the surgical removal of some or all of the foreskin (prepuce) from the penis. The word "circumcision" comes from Latin circum (meaning "around") and cædere (meaning "to cut"). Early depictions of circumcision are found in cave paintings and Ancient Egyptian tombs, though some pictures are open to interpretation. Religious male circumcision is considered a commandment from God in Judaism. - Wikipedia
Here in the Philippines, especially in the rural areas the word "pukpok" always comes along with the mere talk of circumcision. I really don't know what happens on that, but as far as I can see on the television, and on old comedy films, pukpok happens beside a river, a very mucky river perhaps, where the newly circumcised kids run straightly after the surgery. They also chew guava leaves, and don't ask me why they do, I am absolutely sure chewing a leaf is not a very effective anesthesia.

The national government and other private associations also pushes Mass Circumcision or Tuli ng Bayan during summer vacations, which is a very favorite topic for humorous broadcasters. Honestly, I myself find it really funny how little boys weep and plead to their mothers and even run as fast as they could whenever it is their turn to have the major cut. But my brother, he sort of hides his face whenever he see something regarding circumcision, even the commercial of a famous instant noodles frightens him. There is even a time when I really scare him about it, and he went to our mother crying, I really thought it was nothing serious, but he sure was so scared to death.

Well as a conclusion, all I can say is I am very lucky to not be obliged to do this. But still, I wonder if my brother can take the pain, or much better, the fright of circumcision.

You? Ever been cut? Hehe.

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  1. hmm. girls are very lucky to be disobliged of doing this. but actually, men are much luckier because of the "blessing" of NOT experiencing the pain of giving birth which is probably more hurting than circumcision. haha. LOL. Ü

  2. Your brother is so cute! Circumcision is like a week pain. Ours is monthly, well for my case. I always have menstrual cramps and I hate it. Lol :P

  3. Hah circumcision is compulsory for male in my religion (Islam) too. And when my lil brothers went though it, they weren't allowed to eat certain food as it could harm the circumcised part *ahem*. But 'twas funny, how they shed tears and embarrassed when I or their friends made fun of them, but it's just for a while :D

  4. I remember my older brother having his circumcision when he was still a kid. He was so scared to the point na ang putla putla na niya hahaha :D

    My younger brother hasn't been circumcised yet. Although we have been telling him that it's one way to prove he's a man LOL :D

  5. I agree. Were lucky that we don't have to face this kind of procedure. But we have this thing that comes monthly and is such a hassle (for me because I always have menstrual cramps) so I think its all fair (or harder for us?). Anyway, my younger brother was circumcised 2 years ago. He came to the clinic with our parents and the was very calm cause he was given anesthesia *daw*. My brother said that it really hurts by the time the anesthesia wears off, but he was given some meds and after a few days he was back to normal.

    Your little brother is such a cutiepie! How old is he? :)

  6. You're bro is so cute! haha. i think men are lucky because they have to face this one time physical pain, unlike us, who suffer from menstrual cramps every month. Anyway, im thankful to God for making me a female. lol

  7. I think the boys right now are lucky because we already have technologies that can accomplish this circumcision thing-y without much pain unlike before when it have to be manual. The pukpok that you said. Hehe. At least now theres assurance thats its painless and will be cleaner.

  8. I think it's kind of funny how a lot of times tuli on boys is done by girls.

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