Plastic Surgeries

When I was seven years old, I remember I used to be my mother's assistant in all of her daily errands. I used to remember that I accompany her wherever she goes especially when she was selling different products from her down-line marketing company. We were inseparable back then, like I would really cry and cry whenever she left me, but a sort of a weird encounter frightened me so much that I barely prevented going out of our house- I met a beautiful monster.

She, was actually a friend of my mom, and she suffered from wrong cosmetic surgeries.

It was my mom who told me the tale of her unfortunate beauty life, she was deceived by a local beauty parlor to undergo the trial of their buttocks, and that was the biggest mistake she had ever made.

I really didn't knew way back then why my mom's friend's face became like that, while I used to see different celebrities on the television that have undergone cosmetic surgeries, and the products were really good. Little did I knew that the most important part of cosmetic surgeries, even before now, are the surgeons who would perform the operations.

Finding true and licensed cosmetic surgeons is never easy and of course, finding a legitimate and government tested plastic surgery company is as hard too, since quacked doctors are on lose for money. Since the beauty market has been a growing industry, some bogus dealers have been roaming around while contemplating how they can benefit from other's desire to be beautiful.

Your priority should be finding the best cosmetic surgeons near you. Yes, it shouldn't be about the price or the convenience, it should be the quality, since your body or might as well your life is on the edge. You should secure their license and also, the license of the cosmetic surgery company they are working on.

One of the best and known plastic surgeons in the North America is Doctor Lloyd Krieger of Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery. Many people have undergone plastic surgeries led by him, and they all have nice testimonials about how good Doctor Krieg's work is and Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgeries' facilities.

They have their own way of doing plastic surgeries, the liposuction for an instance, the very famous liposuction. They will inject some sort of liquid on their patient so the fat and tissue can be easily sucked by their machine, on that matter, the process would be easy, fast and painless. They are also offering liposuction without anesthesia, just in case you might want to feel the process of your beautification.

Don't be deceived by some sort of promos, go for the quality.

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  1. "Don't be deceived by some sort of promos, go for the quality."

    Super true! :) So we better be always aware of the people/products we come into.

  2. I agree with you, its true people are going very curious for their safety to give their credit details to just any kind of surgery. We need to go to a good quality not fake. Great post, what you said is really helpful to me.

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