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What's on your mind? What's happening?

When I wake up in the morning, after I pray, I will always grab my cellphone as fast as possible and update my twitter. Then, after I eat breakfast, I will go to my computer and enter the cyber world I have always loved. Then I'll eat lunch, nap and when I wake up, I'll grab my cellphone again for twitter updates or facebook notifications and that will go on till the evening before I go to sleep.
When my friends and I would hang out, we rarely communicate by texting. If not tweeting, we'll post the message on each other's wall post. My sister and I do the same too, in fact, it has been our hobby that when we aren't together, we tweet about different and ridiculous stuffs.

In my life, sms is dead. Social networks are ruling my life and so are with my loved ones.

It started it all. As far as I can recall, I opened my friendster account during 2006. I was stupid about it way back then and all I do was to comment anime and chibi pictures even to my own profile. But when 2009 came, I have learned about Hide Codes Galore- a method to purely customize your profile in the way you wanted it to be. In there I have learned HTML's, on which later, I have used on my blogging career.
It is heartbreaking honestly, when I have learned that friendster will be closed soon. It is just that it has been a nest of memories for me, and it is really hard to let go even though i haven't been updating it for like two years from now. Everything would soon be obsolete.
Goodbye now. I love you friendster.

I only made an account since my favorite bands, especially Chicosci, was there. I just noticed that it wasn't an Asian thing, because most of the active members (if there is any, LOL) are Americans. But I haven't been that active, and so are you I know.

I love this site. I can stuff all of my things there, like a virtual bag, oh and yes, that simile went perfect since it is filled with online shop too! I put all my photos, videos and I even blog there. But that site isn't exposed well, so my friends haven't got any accounts so my page rarely had visitors.

I made an account out of curiosity. But sorry Plurk, Twitter owns me.

I was stubborn to use facebook before when my sister told me about it. Because of its boring and not-so-colorful impression to me, I thought I wouldn't be that addicted. But my sister persuade me to open an account and try all the games, and so I did. At first what I do most of the time was to play typing maniac, but then it got boring. Then all of a sudden, all of my friends had their accounts and voila! I never logged out. hehe.
The thing about facebook is that it's very interactive, like everything you do on it, other people are privileged to react or comment about it. Now, I am a self-confessed facebook addict since its one of my ways to be in touched with my friends and relatives.

Now this is my life. I tweet everything I do, except of course the not-so-pleasant things. I always see to it that I am updated on what's happening to the twitter world. I tweet responsibly and as witty as possible so that I wouldn't sound like an annoying twelve year old girl who's calling her minions to propagate hideous commentaries.
What I love about twitter is its very handy. Since I have internet on my cellphone (all hail myphone! Wala ka sa phone ko!) I ain't having a hard time keeping in touch with my buddies. I also love the fact that hundreds or might as well thousands of celebrities are on twitter! It makes me feel a bit close to them. I screen cap or retweet all of my celebrity mentions. Sorry, I am just a proud, noticed fan!

I bet all of you can relate with me.

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  1. I remember my friendster days. I was such a noob back then thinking I'd make my profile look cute but instead make it look like the exact opposite. Hahaha! You're right, the social networks have really evolved through the years. But nothing beats facebook yet. I'm such a loser for not having a twitter account though. :P HAHA

  2. yeah i can relate hehe :) ..
    too bad about FS closing down:S!?
    it was my way of keeping in touch with my friends and relatives dyan sa Pinas when i moved to Norway..
    and ofc. when FB was made, ayon lahat nandun na heheh..
    and now twitter na din :p

  3. i so agree with you ( :
    my very fist networking site was myspace then friendster ( i cancelled it when i signed up for facebook) then i joined multiply.
    on 2007 i had my fb.
    now, twitter and blogging! ( :

    this is a good post. anyway, keep on writing. xo!

  4. You have officially made me feel nostalgic again with this post HAHAHA :D I could still remember my friendster days oh-so vividly. I was a sort of a "jejemon" back then but not too much. I only typed LiKe dIsZ. I know, stupid right? LOL. I guess we all have our jeje and friendster days back then :D

  5. Same. Kahit wala na akong pera, sige papaload pa rin ako para magregister sa Blackberry Internet Service ng Globe. Twitter, Facebook. etc.

  6. Ha! I can relate to it alright. Honestly, after reading this, I feel so nostalgic. My first was friendster, everyone was into it so i made an account, but deleted it when facebook got famous. I do got plurk when it wasn't so famous before, my karma today is probably on the negative because i haven't used that in forever. haha

    anyway, my life now is blogger. i dont really go much to fb anymore because im kind of sick of it. haha


  7. aw...friendster again..the old memories..

    I agree with your post. And texting is already dead.My mom who is 51 rarely sends me an sms..she would just write on my wall!