What You Should Have Been Riding Rather Than Your Porsche

Meet the brotherhood of travelling pants.

For a third world country like the Philippines, there is a certain belief that people who own personal cars are said to have children studying at private state universities or are stock holders of your favorite shampoo company. This mediocratic point of view is not really very peculiar among Filipinos, unlike in other countries where having an own car, even hand me downs, is a necessity. Therefore, venturing a place with the use of public transportation is not really a reason for having eerie judgments from other people, and in fact the most effective way to avoid scrutinizing strangers. It is a typical thing for average people, but for first timers especially those who came from the upper side of society, it can be an unforgettable experience which is far way more exciting than bragging about your Porsche.

And ladies and gentlemen, an act of remembering the noble public vehicles that can bring us even to the darkest abyss within the Philippines and can only be found in our quite very filthy country.

For teenage students, it is one of the most ideal place where you can get to experience love at first sight since you can get to mingle with different people. Jeepney, is I guess the most popular public transportation all over the Philippines. It can bring you to different streets and you will get the chance to mingle with eight to twelve strangers for about five minutes or more, depending on the place you will go to. Unlike cabs which can bring you straight to where you want to go, each jeepney lines has their own unique routes on which can be most favorable if you will go on a public place. Jeepney fares starts from 8.00 pesos (7.00 pesos for students and senior citizens) and may increase based on the kilometers you'll be going to.

Unlike those things you wrap around your tummy and shoulders that vibrates and melts your cellulites, tricycles' vibrations won't help you lose weight. Tricycle is a three wheeled vehicle that roams around the streets all over Philippines. It is ideal if you want to head straight to your destination rapidly since it is faster than Jeepneys. On the other hand, its fare is much likely to be higher than any public vehicles, because you will get to be its sole passenger, which means less tendency to get along with unlikeable people, except the driver of course. For elementary students, it is the most ideal form of school service because its is more affordable than school buses and most especially, for those schools that lies deep within narrow lanes.

If you haven't rode a pedicab yet during Divisoria rush days, then I can strongly say you are missing a great adventure. It is a plain bicycle attached into a sidecar, where the passenger will sit uncomfortably. It can go through hidden lanes and run in the middle of rushing buses and jeepneys, now that's exciting. Its fare is obviously the cheapest of all, since they are not affected with any oil price hikes. Recommended for marketers, but strongly discouraged for nurses in white uniforms.

Yes, that is a public bus being downloaded from a ship. In here, it is called Roro and it is just know that I have learned it stands for Roll on and Roll off. It is the most affordable way to travel on seas, and the Filipino's own rendition of cheap cruises. It is again, a good way to meet strangers, since the span of time you'll be travelling maybe for a day or two. It is a bit kooky for first timers, but I think that it is very practical for middle class people. I wonder if the love story of Jack and Rose can exist there.

These kinds of public transportation have built a certain legacy to our nation and have been a part of our culture for a very long time, and it is not bad if we will accolade with these things till the very end, as long as it suites our needs. Their wheels will never grow out of trend.

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  1. I really like seeing foreigners riding tricycle and jeeps. We must be proud of our unique and cool modes of transportation!

  2. In Taft, there are a lot of pedicab drivers there. I always ride them whenever I can so I can save time from walking to school and at the same time helping them make a living instead of doing other stuff with their time. :P

  3. Yes, it's true!!Through riding tricycles and jeeps they are so fun and enjoy. Amazing. Its incredible idea. Thanks a lot for sharing this kind of information.

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