Why Filipinos Are Still Poor

I discovered this video through Isabella "Saab" Magalona's blog. (Check out her blog, it is really worth reading)

This video tries to explain why Philippines is still Poor amidst of the different administrations that got past us. I like this video very much, it has excellent graphics and the background music has a touching effect, which add to the over-all impact of the video.

The content, however, is kinda disturbing for me. The author pretty much accused everyone (especially the wealthy ones and the media) as the prime suspects on how our economy is being murdered. Indeed, it shows convincing facts, but I think he is concluding things a bit far from what the truth may be.

The video also shows a strong support to the Parliamentary Governance, and actually emphasizes that countries under Parliamentary government are the most successful ones, and while us, the democratic countries, are the ones who suffer poverty.

I really don't think that the Parliamentary system (Cha-cha as what the Arroyo administration calls it) would save our country. We have greedy leaders hovering around the government, and on that I am absolutely sure about, it is proved several times already. Needless to say, when we lost our control to our government, there is nothing we can land on but chaos.

I think our culture and innate attitudes are the main reasons why we are still poor. Everyone tries to compare our country to the other ones while in fact we all have different situations. The administrations that gone through us tried to solve our problems by copying other countries' solution, which I find a little illogical, since the people there aren't like us. We tend to spend a lot, and even worse, we spend money to the things we don't actually need, this strongly implies to the government as well. We have this get-rich-quick attitude, and this can be proved through our lifetime addictions on lotteries. Furthermore, the get-rich-quick attitude is the one responsible for different crimes such as robberies, kidnapping and plenty other more that might cause one time big time victory. See how those half-bred Filipinos lives, and notice why they are the rich kids here most of the time.

The problem is not with the people leading us, it is deep within our roots.

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  1. I don't think there's much hope for the Philippine government especially if the ones who're running our country are as more corrupt as anybody else. I can't say much because there are so many other different aspects to consider but maybe someday the Philippines would return back to its better glory. :)

  2. Actually, I share the same thoughts as the video. I don't think Democracy is the right system for a poor country like Philippines. Although I don’t think that Parliamentary will work for us either because as what Patrish said, we have corrupt officials. If the Philippine will just have politicians that value their own principles, the Philippines will be good the way it is.

  3. This is a video convincing people why we need to change our government so it is so bias. This is a good video though, I really liked how it is made. Really disturbing, and sad. :(

  4. great post and nice video! anyway, despite all the negative things our country's been going through, i am still hopeful that someday that things will be better. And I definitely agree with you that we dont really need to compare our country to others because we have different situations.

  5. I have to agree with you and parts of the video. We Filipinos are lacking one trait, self discipline. And this leads us to poverty. People shouldn't blame others if they are poor. They should blame it on themselves.

  6. Pretty convincing. Actually, it gave me goosebumps because I'm kinda the sensitive type but I don't agree to it 100%. This video also has it's flaws.

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