Why is Quality Important

"Quality or Quantity?" a very cliche question every person might have encountered at least twice or thrice in their lives. The answer of course, just like any opinionated questions, may vary depending on what the person is talking about or what the person's disposition in life is.

I, as a very observant and almost a perfectionist person, I focus on quality.

With this very fast paced world we now live in, everything that comes handy and in bulk is a necessity. From our foods, drinks, daily essentials and even construction materials- they all come win large quantities and sometimes, or might as well often, doesn't come with any pinch of quality. It is very practical nowadays to just focus on how many you might have instead of how good you have, but I would say no for that.

Thank God I found a site that shares the same belief with me in regards on Why Quality is Important.
When we eat, we don’t need much food. We long for something healthy, delicious, and quality meal. When we buy a house, we don’t choose according to the size and the design but with the quality of material used to build it.
- Knowswhy "Why is Quality Important"
This is just an excerpt from their statement according on how quality is very important to everyone's lives. That quote is very simple indeed, but it captured me at the mere moment I saw it.

Let me share you an example on Why is Quality Important to us:

Maybe it isn't new to you to learn that I come from a middle class family, and with that I really don't do too much shopping. I only shop when it is badly needed or someone sponsors me (don't feel sorry, I ain't really in to shopping) and also, I was raised not to crave for those. When I buy stuffs, I always pick the cheaper ones with the thought that I am getting more practical and I ought to save more. But when the time came it just collapsed without any reasons, of course I have to buy a new one, and hence, I just spent more, or might as well double, to what I could have spent if I bought a quality one.

This might just happen to you too, so I dedicated this one for you to learn Why is Quality Important not just for me, but for each and everyone of us.

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  1. I agree. Quality is definitely better than quantity. I was raised with that kind of thing in mind. It applies in all aspects of life. Even in love, it's like asking yourself, which would you choose? The quantity of money a guy can give nevermind the love, or the quality of your relationship as a couple. :)

  2. Yep. Quality is better than quantity. I believe that we do not have to have a lot of things to make us happy.

  3. I have the same sentiments. Plus, I'm also practical with stuff especially that we have a "poor" country :P