How TV Networks Almost Killed My Patriotism

Maybe, as of this moment, you all know that I am not a fan of Korean and other Asian dramas or movies because I really I don't understand the point of exerting additional efforts just to understand their different language and especially, their vague presentations of fantasies plotted to happen in real life. I honestly think, that these kinds of tv series are the primary suspects on why today's generations are very inclined to teenage love, well next to Disney fairy tales of course. Sorry guys and girl, I guess you all shall wake up that it is quite impossible that a boy would suddenly fall for a girl in spite of the very chaotic situation they are in.

And so with this, I prefer watching local dramas, on which I guess, one of the biggest mistakes I have ever did.

I have always loved the fact that I am a Filipino, and I would be very confident to take an oath that I have never dreamed of changing my nationality. Even though there are many issues to be ashamed of in this country, there are still good things that are far greater to talk about. But then, it is very incroyable on how some Pinoy dramas left me hanging with the statement: Oh Great. Shame on you Pearl of the Orient.

Even before it had started, I was quite embarrassed on how they copied almost 50% of Twilight's concept, except that the two freaks have fallen in love with each other, which left the mortals completely off the story. But who can blame them on doing so? Many people have been fascinated with vampires and werewolves and the love in between. I gave it a try, since I found it nice how they made the story as a sequel of Lobo, wherein the lead role, Lia Ortega, happened to be the daughter of the werewolf Lyka and the soldier Noah Ortega. Matteo, on the other hand, was the only vampire who was conceived through a mortal mother, thus making him different and stronger than anyone of his kind. Needless to say, to add a spice on their lovestory, they happened to be destined to kill each other to protect their kins. But at the later part of the story, they realized that the prophecy was misunderstood, so that means a sort of an extreme stupidity caused the whole war between them, wow, very artistic.
On the other hand, I like how it ended up that the ultimate monster was not their child, it was Matteo's foster brother and Lia's stalker, Lucas, who was a skipped werewolf (tinalunang lobo daw 'eh!) was bitten by a vampire, and a crossbreeding happened.
I really expected that Lia and Matteo's daughter would be the one to defeat Lucas, I actually thought that the role will be played by Jesse Mendiola. But then again,things fell completely trashy: the main fight happened between the three of them, and where? On an abandoned warehouse, just like FPJ's times, with matching fires and explosions.

Mara Clara.
ABS-CBN did a very great job on picking celebrities to fill out the roles for the remake of the hit tv series Mara Clara. Especially Julia Montes, the one who plays Clara, she is the very first Pinay celebrity that almost made me cry. The way the story flowed was also good, since it didn't stick to the old plot where everything happens just between Mara and Clara, and all you will see would be endless slaps and pulling of hairs without any further reasons. The way they showed family connection between each and every character in the story was swell too and the lines were also delivered well with the right timing.
And so, I really don't get it why on Earth have they not formulated a very good ending! The scene when Clara didn't left Gary (her biological father, main antagonist) in the house where they hid Alvira and Mara, and even urged Gary to pretend he would shoot her if the cops will arrest him, had actually touched my heart so badly. I really thought that Gary would be shot by the snipper because he would block it for Clara, but then I was wrong, the snipper just missed him, so another ultimate stupidity came in the story. And now, according to the teasers, the story would end up again on an abandoned building. I guess ABS really has a heart for old, abandoned places.

Because I really really love Saab Magalona, I researched all her tv shows and guesting, and I am very ecstatic to now that she had a tv show on TV5, the so-called Lipgloss. I didn't hesitate to researched about it and made up my mind that I would download the whole series online if possible. I watched its first episode on youtube, and I was welcomed with a very bad ambiance What-the-F*ck-is-this. It had the same opening style as Gossip Girl, it showed a site where the conspiracies and gossips about the famous and richest kids on the blocks were posted. I still continued watching, and realized it had the same freaking story as Gossip Girl's season one! Where Serena had a secret affair with Nate who happened to be her best friend Blair's boyfriend! And that was how all the cat fights rooted from!
And you know it already. I stopped. And I actually laughed. I discovered a funded and aired parody of Gossip Girl in national television.
But hey! I still love Saab! I know she's just being professional, so she played the role still. I love you forever Saab!

Yes! I wouldn't review any GMA dramas because... I don't even bother watching them. I know that it would either make me laugh or make drool whenever their is a heart-breaking-moment-as-they-say-it-is. Oh, except if there is some Magalona boys there.

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  1. OMG! I didn't know that you're only 15. Why? It's because your entries are all informative containing 10 stars rate! Ang galing-galing mo lang!

  2. i didn't like mara clara. for me it's very stressing to watch that show cos of all the fights. lol.

    i like to watch foreign series cause it somehow gives me a glimpse on their culture. and we couldn't deny that these are good series with unique plots, for us, cos it's a different country meant for different viewers than us.

    but there are also good local series, like 100 days to heaven. i'm fascinated to see how a child lead like that is a good actress. haha :)

  3. Channel 2 is not working in our tv. I know there are good local dramas in ABS-CBN but I can't watch on this channel, making my favorite drama today "Amaya" because they show our ancestors way of living from the time forgotten by the people today. I'm interested in History by the way.

  4. basta ako 100days in heaven. kuha mo<...>

  5. I agree with everything you have posted here sis! Indeed, the entertainment media is quite loosing their creative juices LOL :D

  6. Agree! Haha. Well, I rarely watch GMA7 too. ^^

  7. lol? i don't watch local tv that much so idk about Imortal. i just knew that angel's the lead and there are bloodsuckers.

    "extreme stupidity caused the whole war between them, wow, very artistic."


  8. I rarely watch local tv shows. Hehehe But when I do watch, its always that of ABS-CBN's and not GMA's.

  9. I used to be into American dramas but I got bored of them; they never really seemed to get anywhere? When I thought something would happen, the episode ended and they became more dramatic the next show -- rawr! "When will I find out if so-and-so is really that chicks father!" of sorts... now I just stick to cartoons. Though your dramas sound a lot more interesting than the ones that I watched.

  10. I stopped watching our local teleseryes because I find them boring. Dati, I used to watch the real Mara Clara and Anakarenina. LOL. So old. Anyway, pare-pareho lang naman sila. Iyakan, Patayan, Dramahan, Iyakan ulit, Sampalan, Suntukan, Kidnapan and then the cycle goes on and on. I guess, I'm now into American and British TV shows and cartoons. Atleast nag iiba ang cycle.

  11. I used to think the same thing about Asian dramas too but that's only because the good, substantial ones are constantly overshadowed by the popular hits with the popular actors, which usually are sort of so-so plot-wise (BOF, Full House, etc).

    What I don't like about local dramas is the number of episodes -- that, and the amount of drama, hair-grabbing, glaring, sneering, confessing, and recycled plot devices that usually span the entire series. Lately most ABS shows are remakes of the best hits in the 90s-2000s; obviously they're running low on ideas and creative juices. The young actors these days do not even match up to the abilities of the previous actors (I'm sorry but Julia and Kathryn had little impact; Gary and his mom were the only good things in the remake).

    I agree with the others though that 100 Days is good and well-acted.

  12. hahaha. sis. you are so hilarious about the GMA part. :) I am so not a GMA fan. well, i love some of their artist but the whole network is just a blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag! :(

    i am so loving every article you come up in this blog.

    keep em coming.

  13. ahahaha!! your post made me laugh because i can totally relate... i feel like i wrote this entry myself... im proud of being a filipino and i wanna be proud of our culture.. but most of the time, filipino's creativity is just so limited to what the western culture is showing us... thus making us copycats.. and not even giving justice to the originals!! hehe.. wala lang..

  14. Very interesting essay. I love it. We share the same thoughts about Tv sitcoms, teleseryas, and about being nationalistic. Thanks for this post. :-)

  15. Unlike you, I am fascinated about Asian shows, even though I don't understand their language, I enjoy reading subtitles. Hehe. Also, I'm a big fan of US and UK shows like How I met your mother, Pretty little liars, etc. But of course I am still a fan of Pinoy shows, though sometimes I can't help but be disappointed too coz of their lack of originality. Their shows just scream copy cat! And its just sad, because Filipinos are talented and creative, & we can very much make our own story if we want to.

    Also, we're both kapamilya! HAHA. Not wanting to be mean or anything, but I think GMA 7 afternoon and evening shows are sort of lamer than Abs.

  16. Naalis ng may-ari ang komentong ito.

  17. watching filipino telenovela's are so stressing at some point i hate em badly.so full of drama's and scandalous attitude being revealed..geezz.

  18. I don't really appreciate the fact that filipinos are starting to get more and more drawn to copying other people's ideas. IDK.

    We've been pirating a lot of tv shows and we never really come up with good ones most of the time.

    I like 100 days to heaven though I don't really watch it a lot. HEHE. :D

  19. wow your latest post here is so interesting and i love to read it. anyway i'm a fan of any kinds drama either international or local drama.

    yeah imortal and mara clara is a good tv drama that i watched on abs-cbn and all the characters there's is so good in acting.

  20. hey! well first thing your writing is really good! wow i wish i could write that way. well next about korean drama's. im a korean and so by nature i would defend :P but anyways, such drama's are meant for entertainment not for any real life refrence, like the difference between any movie like probably MK&Ash and My sisters keeper is the fact that one is meant for pure entertainment, while the other actually can make sense.