The Open Buffet

The last time I have checked, I have been nagging about how Philippine television disgraced my whole patriotism, and as far as I can remember, it was almost five months ago, a figure of a hiatus not quite acceptable in the blogging- except if you're gonna share a heart warming, endearing and near-to-death experience to reason out why you have been away for that long.

In my case, I don't swag that way.

Yes, five months is long enough to scribble even the dirtiest drafts for you come back posts, but if you were in my position wherein you're flooded with school works, oral reports, close-to-doctorate-requirements, plus the fact that I travel almost three hours towards my school everyday, I guess the least thing you're gonna mind about is your online reputation.

Okay? Sorry na nga lang.

The Appetizer.

College life has been a sort of an open buffet for me; wherein I have smudged into some great tastes, yet I have also devoured some bitter ones. The thing is, the latter can be avoided, it depends on how you handle the situations, and in my case, I can say that I have digested those unlikeable foods as far as you might imagine (in short, madali akong nakapag-adjust, di kasi ako nag inarte).

Probably, the great tastes I am talking about can be best described with the new people I have met. They haven't surpassed those who knew me deep within my bones, that was a certainty, but I know that somehow, they can slowly wipe out the emptiness in me, maybe not all, but surely a great load of it.

I-18 while waiting for our Psychology professor.

KAIBIGAN group- consist mainly of those tired of memorizing books, but happens to pass most of our exams. Epitome of luckiness.

Choosing the main course.

I haven't prepared enough myself yet to make sudden yet very big decisions in my life for past semester, yet I was bombarded with the fact that I really have to do so. My mind was set ever since that I will pursue English, or maybe Literature, but when the special program of Biology, came upon the scene, I was devastated- and even slightly mystified. The thing is I have passed the entrance exam of the department, and if I am to pursue unto the interview, I would never get the chance to try on English and Literature because the program will start next semester. So with that, I really had to make up my mind.
I prayed off course, who wouldn't? It came up on me as a make or break situation wherein its either I'll go for my passion, or I will run towards the thing most people have been dying to have.
Guess what had been my deciding point? Tossed coin. More specifically, a prayed over tossed coin. Weird? No, it worked though. It landed on the passion thing, and I was damn relieved and contented with it. So in the end, I just confused myself, the tears and hardship I have gone through... was just a mere pebble in the sand.

Sweet dessert.

What I am going to rip in the end of all these things is still uncertain, but I guess I did fair enough to have at least a sweet chocolate. And off course, I am not even in the middle of this journey, but I am still expecting for the best of me.
And the sweetest dessert that one can possibly give me, after all these kind of hardships I have been through (take note, first sem pa lang) would probably a live solution to my nostalgia. In short: reunion sa dating tropa!

Dear Bloggers, sorry if this post sucks. I know it is really bad for me to post a rubbish thing since I have been gone for so long, but I am preparing something big, I am sure of that. I love y'all!

And my twitter and tumblr were hacked. Hope you can follow me again @RheaGulin

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