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This freak just made my day complete. I know, it would be my first time to post some kind of off topic for this blog, but since my Tumblr was hacked (so you guys better unfollow it) I decided to post all of my personal shenanigans here! Don't worry though, I would still be as poetic as I was before. Ansaveh??

Would you believe that before making that video, she almost die out of nervousness because she said she is complete clueless on how she can manage to do a song and a music video. Define Brilliance.

I really love Allison Harvard, like seriously, she's the most endearing girl I have ever known! She has her nerves, but she is surprisingly really good (no not just good, EXCEPTIONAL!) in the craft she do! She is also in to arts, especially photography and painting , in fact she was a professional artist before pursuing America's Next Top Model, so that makes me want her more. Oh my, sorry for being such a fangirl, I just can't contain myself anymore :D

She was originally from Cycle 12, but unfortunately, she was only a runner-up to someone I meant to forgot. She really did well during that cycle, but she was once call non- versatile because she lacked lust on one of their sexy shoots.
Good thing she was called back for America's Next Top Model Cycle 17 All- Stars! She's doing better than ever!

If she will not win this cycle, I swear: I'll fly to America and kill the judges. Not kidding,

A funny yet very lovable fact about Allison: (credits to ANTM411)
In late 2005, Allison gained notoriety as an internet meme on 4chan, where she became known as “Creepy-chan” due to her ghostly digital photos of herself in heavy eyeliner and broken-baby doll outfits and poses, as well as her fascination with nosebleeds. When cheerier images later surfaced, her moniker was updated to “Cute Chan.”
Guess I am really captivated with her bulging eyes and her weirdness!

Off topic:

Watch out for the latest America's Next Top Model Episode! Filipina beauty Georgina Wilson and the famous Filipino clothing line Bench would be featured there! Monday at Etc 8-9 pm.

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  1. you know what. i'm. so. freaking. obsessed. with. america's. next. top. model. too!!!
    my favorite cycles were 10 (with Anya), 12 (ALLISON FTWWW), and 15 (kayla ferrel!!) i love Allison so much and I want her to win the All Stars cycle T___T

  2. I feel sorry for your tumblr sis. :(

    anyway. i love watching america's next top model too. too bad coz ive been busy with my kids nowadays. got no more time to watch a tv. :(

    georgina wilson is so hot! i like her. :)