Alice in Cyberland (Wonderland)

I have this weird bruise in my wrist, and if you're reading this blogpost, you probably have it too.

I am pretty sure that even once, or most probably most of the time, you have experienced being misunderstood by everyone. Maybe, I guess, that some people sucks that much to think that everyone should act the way they does, which is normal, which means its very boring. If we are going to wear the same shirts at the same time, would it be really outrageous? Same goes with our personalities, if I act the way all of you do, would it really be exciting? I am very sure it won't, and it will never be.

That is why, us, the strange ones as they say, have made our own world, where everyone is accepted, where every craziness is cool, where everything is nothing but fantasy. Thus, the Internet.

The internet is the only place where being different is cool, or more over, where being different is necessary.

Le' strange.

The internet is the only place where I was able to meet some people who share the same shits as I do, the same likes, the same favorite stuffs, the same opinions and whatsoever. It is the only place wherein I can shameless show what I am truly made of, no pretensions, no lies, just pure craziness. I have tried declaring it to the real world, but as I expected, I received countless of criticisms and even an advice to see the psychiatrist.
Strange things are also the subject to popularity, just like what happened to Domo Kun and the Meme guys, they're weird, but that what makes them all special and endearing. Not like in the plain streets where flowing in the trend is needed, and going out of it is just completely unacceptable.
And also, it is only here where I am able to realize that being pretty is not everything, it is more of what it is in your brains, not what you have on the face. Because in the real world, beauty rules, and what I mean by that is the empty one, the things you only see with your bare stupid eyes.


Nowadays, being bullied doesn't mean being pushed in a trash can or being locked in your own locker, I may say that bullying come in bits and pieces now, wherein they tear you piece by piece, until you're seeing yourself entirely prejudiced. In this world wherein absurdity is needed to crack jokes better (blame Vice Ganda, I guess) demoralizing statements seems to be normal. I myself is guilty on this, I sometimes disparage people, but I don't have it as a hobby, unlike other people who would do it as if it makes them cooler. The internet is the only door for the bullied people to get their self again, because it serves as their grief box, and their blog is their hired assassin. And most especially, mystified people are the ones being patronized in here, which rolls the ball in favor of the underdogs.

Being the star.

Every people loves being the talk of the town, and in here, it is easier to happen. You can even mingle and access the life of the real stars, to the point as if you go partying with them every fridays. It boosts everyone's ego, and it makes us believe that being like them is not entirely impossible, you just have to have some red lipstick, nice shoes and a mind full of bright stuffs and you're ready to go, contrary to what happens in the real world where most of us, should rather stay behind the curtains and sweep the dust from the dirty attitudes of the popular ones, or be ready to eat some raw tomatoes.

Booming pockets.

Oh, have I not said it? You can actually earn bucks with doing what you can and what you love :D


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