The 12th Man

This week, I have encountered all the gamut of life a person my encounter within his whole existence. I was stuck in a certain problem wherein my decision will define my future; I got knocked down by a single statement which pretty much jeopardized my whole demeanor; and, I let go of something I had held on for quite a long time right now. I was doomed, for sure, but thank God I had the opportunity to let out my inner frustrations through cheering for me beloved Kaya FC with my new family, the Ultras Kaya.

In all honesty, I wasn't really planning to join the Utras Kaya in their fan page, but me and my sister had some sort of miscommunication: she asked me to like the Ultras' fan page but I joined the group instead (Conyo problem?) Lucky me, they accepted my request and welcomed me with open arms, and so I realized that maybe, it was my destiny (boy that sounds so cheezy). I started off as a vagabond; I wonder what shall I say, when shall I say some things; how shall I act and plenty other more shenanigans, but as time goes by, I became more and more comfortable, and yesterday was the official date when I broke my walls off and put my guard down.

Our meeting place was at Mcdo Harrison Plaza in front of thenRizal Memorial Stadium. We arrived there two hours earlier so we can patch up things before we set off to the stadium.

Kuya Paulo holding the first of the four flags of Ultras and Kuya Melvyn asking what food we want (yes! free lunch for us!)

A box of freebies from Mam Dhen. (Shirts and ballers)

The men behind our vigorous chants.

Our bunso Shane Clemente. He's the boy behind the great Nate Burkey song:

Our little drummer boys!

It was Kuya Paulo's duty to guide (and tame) the kids. See how the unity goes? *winks*

Yes, unlike other fanclubs, we got leaders, coz' we're taking this thing seriously.

Sir Markus and Gehj flaring the flags of KayaFC.

I also got the chance of waving the flag for KAYAFC, and I never stopped moving it with the wind. I was just so amazed how I didn't passed out because of exhaustion since the last time I took care of a color, I tumbled down the halls of our school. Hahaha. Maybe it was the love for the team that kept me moving.

Our beloved team.

The game proper. It ended 0-1 in favor of KAYAFC with Eric Dagroh's goal during the first half. And yes, we went wild.

In Kaya, we are family!!

The silent supporters. How I wish they'll join us. Sigh.

A picture of us courtesy of the Captain himself, Aly Borromeo. See here.

Maybe the pictures have proved you guys that there are more than what you see in the pitch itself. As I have written awhile ago, in KAYA we are family, and I myself can stand and testify for it. If you're one of those fans who will prefer sitting on the bleachers and whisper your cheers, I suggest you move out of your box as soon as possible. I've been there once, and it was just now when I realized that I missed so much by letting my nerves get into my way. So stand up and cry your hearts out too, we are still in need of more voices and ideas :D

Be a part of the family:

KayaFC Website: http://kayafc.com/
KayaFC Twitter: http://twitter.com/KAYAFC

Ultras Kaya Fanpage: Ultras Kaya
Ultras Kaya Twitter: http://twitter.com/Ultras_Kaya

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  1. nice article. I was there during the game.

  2. Thanks for sharing that moment sis! :) I'm glad you had fun. I might consider joining. :)

    Im sure we'll all have fun! <3

  3. Woah Rhea, nice pic of me having a talk with the kids. Haha that day was unforgettable.

    Another, Nice article.

    -Paulo :)

  4. Hello Rhea? How are you? It's me halojin! :)