Flash Fiction: Beautiful Catastrophe

There was a flash-fiction contest on our university as a part of the celebration of the 7th Literature week. I was about to join but... laziness strikes and so I procrastinated... procrastinated... and procrastinated until the deadline is over.

I, therefore conclude that my woeful laziness would be the main hindrance on reaching my dreams.

Okay. Blundering aside, this is my entry, supposedly.

WARNING: Amateur-ity Alert

Beautiful Catastrophe
"How beautiful you are. Such a real work of art." Felicity blurted.
A day won't pass without Felicity adoring the most beautiful girl on their town, or better yet, as for her, on the whole wide world.
The girl's long black hair seems to be perfectly sewn by a pauper, with exact spaces from each other, accurate lengths, and precise widths. Her pale white skin constantly reminds Felicity about Snow White, or even more beautiful.Her icy blue eyes speak a million words- from happiness and euphoria to envy and grief and all the gamuts in between. Her thin and luscious lips are worth dying and vying for, no matter what your sexual orientation is. Her nose, even though not as pointy as the celebrities' , still got a magical and endearing charm which just makes her more lovable. She's petite and thin, but she handles herself very well which makes her look like a hundred pound personality. She's beyond what elegance is, she's more than charming...
"You're just way too perfect. Unfathomable. That's it. " Felicity said with a big sigh.
These things thoroughly obfuscates Felicity. How is it possible that God created such a perfect creature? While other people have a millions of reasons why they should be loathsome; while others should just prefer locking themselves up on the darkness; while others should just obscure their dreadful faces by equally dreadful make-ups; and, while others should constantly think they are but an obsolete, breathing junk?
Maybe, Felicity thought, these are the answers themselves. Maybe, such delightful creatures live to make other people mad about how they look, to make other people mad about themselves, to make other people mad, as it is.
But these kind of people, like the one she's looking at now, no matter how insidious they can be, are bound to live eternally, because generation to generation, the curse lives, and at least one (only, hopefully) will be the same pungently beautiful monster like this girl she's romantically abhors.
Felicity haven't had collected her thoughts yet when a loud knock bombarded her consciousness.
"Felicity, breakfast is ready! Stop staring at the mirror again!" her mom called.

I myself feels that this is one of the most trashy articles I have ever did. The choice of words are just so stupor, and my sentence construction is just way to imprudent.

Critics? Go ahead. Welcome. Be aboveboard please.

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