The Right to Write

I am now completely ecstatic about the fact that I'll soon be a Literature major. For all you know, Literature is not my first choice of course, but it is surely just few quills away from my desired field- Creative Writing.

Sure enough, I will be dealing with lots of writing activities, which in my case, isn't such a burden because writing has always been my passion. But this fact doesn't just go because I have a writing course, everyone, even those who aren't in college, will encounter requirements and activities that will require a puddle of paper writing at all sort- quizzes, major exams, weekly requirements, and behold, the greatest of all: term papers.

I remember when I was still in grade school, my impulsive reaction upon paper writing have gave me some bucks. I used to make a deal with my classmates that I'll write all their biographies provided that they'll give me 15 pesos and they shall treat me any food I want. My illegal job didn't last a long time, since my teacher noticed that all our biographies sounded like it was all monotonous as if we all had the same life, only with different figures.

I continued my gamble when I was on high school, but since I have learned from my experience, I only accept orders from my friends, ten as the maximum quantity. At that point in time, I have learned the magic of highfalutin words that will prevent us from being caught. I, as a smarter businesswoman, took the stakes higher and even made some bizarre deals: minimum wage is at 50 pesos but if you would like to have a higher grade, I am open for some added payment.

Right at this very moment, I haven't still let go of that misdemeanor; I still accept few orders of paper writing occasionally, only if I have time to comply with it. Also, needless to say, I do sponsored reviews here in my blog for some sites, products and companies. But, as more matured and concerned citizen, as much as possible, I refrain from doing the whole writing by myself, I now tend to just give them a gist to what they can do on their project.

Term papers are but a dime of a dozen, though it has the biggest chunk in our ladder of education, there are still some writing activities we shall not neglect. Hence, as what is obvious, term papers are really hard to promulgate, and I myself would decline a paper writing order as such. But, as the world is growing more and more fast-paced you will decipher someone or something that may help you get through the deliberate pain paper writing might concur to you.

But above all of these things, we all are an excellent writer ourselves. With a good parchment, a pen and a handful of ideas, we all can fall to the brim of being caged in paper writing.

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  1. ur just 16 and u are already good in writing. it pays when u read a lot? right? dugong dugo ako sa blog mo. hehehe

  2. Instead of writing, my trade was drawing. I do some of friends projects for a fee of course. And still doing that. But before, I used to hate the idea. But in the process, I realized that not all were given the same particular talent. You have to share yours at some point.

  3. I love writing poems but sometimes I feel conscious about the words I used. Thanks for sharing this tips, now I could easily make an inspiring quotations. Keep posting more! Have a great day!

  4. I did the same thing when I was in high school! hahaha :D My classmates would ask me to write their articles for Journalism class and I would usually charge them 300 to 400 pesos hahaha :D It's not easy to juice out thoughts and ideas for five people LOL