What's In My Playlist

There was a time when I missed putting on my headphones in my iPod and my playlist has been widely heard by everyone around me, and right then and there, I got a bucket full of criticisms and eerie judgement.

My peculiar taste in music have brought me lots of queer eyes. Some of them said that I am pretending to be off the hook so that I'll look cool; some said I may have been a part of an occult group some point in my life, and that our chants have been stuck in me; some said I am but a crazy person; and, the most dynamic of all, would just slowly walk away from me because they can't understand everything I am singing (or is it just because of my equally dreadful voice?).

Indeed, I am somehow throbbed. Even though I pretend to care less about what they're saying,a part of me really wants to verify I really am an insane person. Okay, I know for sure that somehow I am... but my music to take in consideration? I don't think so.

Behold, the outrageous playlist. Listed in a chronological order, number one being the most played of all.

6. Wonderwall by Oasis
I am an Oasis deranged fan, and I admit that I haven't yet moved on with their tides. I still consider Wonderwall as the most romantic song ever, and I bet it'll still a century from now. No direction can ever beat what the shores of Oasis have made me feel.

"There are many things that I would like to say to you but I don't know how..."

5. You Make my Dreams by Hall and Oates
None of my high school and college classmates know who, and what, Hall and Oates is. Some of them thought that it is a title of a movie or a book, which is quite too aesthetic of them to think. Okay, mocking aside, at the back of my mind I was all like: You serious people? You have never heard of anything from this awesome band?I will admit to you that I have first heard them because of 500 Days of Summer, since then, I never grew used to their bizarre music.

"What I got, full stock of thoughts and dreams that scatter; And you put them all together..."

4. Somebody to Love by... Leighton Meester
Do you actually thought that Justin Bieber will get in this blogpost?
The song simply speaks right through me. Every word is just too accurate. The beat of course, is a plus point too, it seems to be as if it's all talking about drugs and sex while in fact it's talking about trying to find love all over the most obscured places. And it's by Leighton Meester. Leighton Meester... how can you even handle that?

"They say it's hard to achieve, but can a girl believe/ Is there somebody who still believes in love?"

3. Mushaboom by Feist
Talking about the Feist phenomenon that once teemed the online community. Again, I find it really preposterous how no one whom I personally know have already heard a song from Feist. Mushaboom was that first song that struck me upon watching 500 Days of Summer (yes, I am this obsessed with the film). Its tune was the thing that really caught my attention, then when I searched for its lyrics, I never thought it was actually talking about a very simple yet forever timely problem of each and everyone of us... simple yet happy living.

"Maybe it isn't till one day, my dreams would match up with my pay..."

2. This is Not a Test by She and Him
We all know who Zooey Deschannel is, but I guess only a few of us know that there's more to her than what you can see with Jess in New Girl and what you have seen in Summer in the 500 Days of Summer. She is a musician, she composes her own songs along with her band She and Him, such a petty way to name a band, but just like her, there is more than what meets the eye. All their songs are very brightly arranged and are all possessing the magic of poetry, which I guess, have been really disbarred at this point of time. Their first self-titled album has more awesome songs compared to all the albums of Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus combined.

"Summit doesn't differ from the big, dark valley; and the valley doesn't differ from the kitchen sink..."

1. Three Wishes by The Pierces
Sure enough, I have had an overnight paroxysm while thinking of what song should claim the top-most spot, but at the end, I trusted my iPod.
I am very certain that it will be The Pierces who will claim the position, since they have been my favorite band since I have heard of them back from 2010, and in fact, they should have also got the third (Kill! Kill! Kill!) and the fourth spot (Sticks and Stones) , but I decided not to overly prick you with their greatness. I downloaded their whole album, The Thirteen Tales of Love and Revenge, and I can say that none of their songs, as in completely none, is worth deleting. They sound a bit creepy, I admit, but if you'll compel with that first impression, you'll realize that they are talking about the reality about love and life as a whole.

"We'll be so less fragile if we're made from metals and our hearts from iron and our mind from steel..."

I am not that hideous when it comes to music right? It is just that I decide no to go out singing gay songs and auto-tuned love poems. Other people are just so plain and seasonal, that's why maybe, I came out overly crazy music lover.

Music is the food for the soul. Go vegetarian.

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