Home Run for Glee (Best Glee Covers)

My bandwagoner state of mind have brought me to awesome places. I am no elitist, with that I am absolutely honest about and I have no intention of obscuring the truth. However, if I dropped my eccentricity for something generic, everyone around me should be prepared to be drowned by my kabaduyan.

I reckon it was late 2010 when I first saw Glee's commercial on ETC, back then I was all deranged about the Camp Rock sensation, since I have always loved abrupt singing whenever the going gets tough (I do the same thing in real life too, and blame Disney). Since then I never skipped an episode (or even a replay) and rummaging the web for their pictures and unpublished covers had been a part of my daily routine.

The thing with Glee is that they revive long forgotten songs and introduce them to the new generation. Nevertheless, they also succeeded on connecting to every juvenile ones all over the world and discussed the issues that have been hovering the teenage world through the use of the greatest medicine ever invented- music, since we all know that in every people lies a song that are meant to be sang.

Behold, the greatest covers Glee have made. (I took my own standards as the criteria)

6. Valerie by Santana Lopez

I am sure that Barbie and Ken's (Quinn and Sam's) version of Time of My Life during their first regional competition had got you hooked, neither was I, but only for a couple of days. I didn't notice Santana's character before, since I saw Mercedes as the best pop singer of the whole bunch and Rachelle as the most theatrical one, but Santana's version of Valerie was meant to say: Hey people, I don't just curse everyone, I can catch up with their talents too. And also, it was the first time I saw Brittany dance... which left me nothing but awe.

5. You and I by Will Schuester and Shelby

I think Lady Gaga songs are really best covered. It is not that I completely loathe her way of singing her songs, but I just don't find her genre very pleasing, she sounds too pop for me (if that is even possible). I rooted Shelby since the very first time they unraveled her character, she is talented, affectionate... and to hot to be a mother. In all honesty, I actually wished her love affair with Puck didn't dissolve that fast, they gave me tingling... yet crippling feeling when they are together on-screen. Will, on the other hand, is no less than an icon for today's generation.

4. Songbird by Santana Lopez

Another Naya Rivera, *face palm*.
I am proud to say that I see Naya as the best singer in the puddle. I honestly don't like her character as Santana, but seriously, she can pull out any kind of song and sound as if it was handmade for her voice box. She sure doesn't have the paramount of tone Mercedes got and neither is she too theatrical like Rachelle, which makes her more believable to me. And most of all, isn't the song romantic?

3. Rumor Has it/ Someone Like You by Santana Lopez and Mercedes Jones

Troubletones was no trouble to me at all; I am not one of those fan who came raging with the girls' separation from the New Directions. I like it how they emphasized girl power, and that they're no shadow for Rachelle's sky-high vocal chords. Plus, yet most importantly, it gave Santana and Brittany more exposure!

2. Unpretty/ I Feel Pretty by Rachelle Berry and Quinn Fabray

Talking about real life situation.
I am going to be honest: my self-esteem have been lurching downward these past few days, well, months. It all seems to me that other girls' prettiness is really throbbing me seriously. I don't know why, I too am quite skeptical about the fact that it sprung just now, while it should have troubled me years ago.I like TLC's version of Unpretty, but the way Quinn sang it really stroke my vulnerability. I guess it's all because that she sang it so sweetly without the over-saturation of other instruments, leaving all the attention to the lyrics of the song itself.

1. Landslide by Holly Holiday

I can never think of any song that can speak better than what Landslide did when I first heard it. Every word just spoke right through my soul as if it was personally dedicated to me. It sheathed me during the time when I was on my weakest, to the point that you can actually see me blustering the song on top of my lungs during shower time or even in my dreams. And of course, I would be such a folly if I won't admit that it reminds me of someone.

Sucks that I really have to encapsulate this post, I have tons of good Glee covers still that are also worthy of praise.

Some of the songs that didn't made it but are hell of an awesome-sauce: Jar of Hearts by Rachelle Berry; Baby It's Cold Outside by Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson; Sweet Caroline by Noah Puckerman; Me Against the Music by Brittany S. Pierce and Santana Lopez; Glad You Came by The Wablers and A WHOLE LOT MORE.

How about you? What are your favorite Glee covers?

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  1. i don't really watch glee, but sometimes i'll check their covers on youtube and i have to agree with valerie being one of their home runs! valerie is like one of my favorite songs of all times! although the zuttons were the ones who sang that song first, i fell in love with it through amy winehouse and glee!

  2. Just like anemone up there, I don't really watch the show and I listen to their covers on youtube. The best so far, for me though, is their cover of Adele's Rumor Has It/Someone Like You <3

    Awwwwesome to the nth level!

  3. these are my favorites, the ones you posted here!! I esp love their Adele covers because the way they mixed it was celestial. I also like their Blackbird and Telephone cover ♥