Musings in National Museum

Since I am studying on a place wherein significant landmarks are very much accessible, it's really hard to resist the travel pants within me. In spite the fact that it had been only a year when I first officially got in hold of my freedom in the metro, I have been caught everywhere, but these instances were significant for my course, and I didn't just go apparating from one place to another all for the sake of leisure, well, most of the time.

The first place I have been to with my college friends was on National Museum, which was literally just a street away from our university. Since it was my first time, I was all very blissful about it and I was simultaneously clicking my camera if ever I'll have the chance. It had been over half a year ago, so forgive me if I happen to forget some things about the pictures.


On the threshold of the museum, these three ogle-worthy statues will welcome you. They may arrive somehow naughty but if you will examine its technical aspect, its excellence is really evident.

Unleash the Perry the Perv
There were also other statues that are also brilliant in their own ways...which I completely forgot what they were expressing.

Aside from statues, they also have masterpieces in the medium of painting.

Lady Spoliarium 

But the painting that really caught my attention was Fernando Amorsolo's last painting before he died. How sweet it is to be enticing on your wife on your last breath.

Almost. by Fernando Amorsolo
There were also an entire floor dedicated for science discoveries.

I was actually quite sad about the fact that they got no beetles. Oh wait, have I told you already that I like beetles?

They got a floor of fossils; from underground fossils to land animals and to human.

This photo is a dog biting an alligator who was trying to feed on her puppy. Blame my lame photography if you're not seeing that story.

A Mother's Love
The primitive life of Filipinos.

The sweet serendipity of the Pearl of the Orient Sea and the shenanigans with it.

Son, you can never break our plates.
The Galleon Trade ship

I had photography on photos. (Redundancy?)

Hall of Face
There was also some sort of a graveyard hall, wherein you can see real corpse that were fixed... the creepy way. The smell of formalin was killing me, to the point that actually I thought that's how they killed those men.

Don't ask me what this is.

Fancy shooting everyone's ass.


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    wowwowowow I'm so jelly omg. I wanna visit the National Museum too!

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    1. Really interesting museum, I've never seen anything like it. Lovely photos as well. ^^

  3. I haven't been there! :| Hahaha. Poor me. I`m just a ride away from NM, but still haven't visited it yet.

  4. Wow. That painting by Fernando Amorsolo is amazing. Now I have the urge to visit a museum. Haha.