The Normal Thing

Perhaps this is the most crucial blog post I'll ever do, since I know that somehow, there would be someone I know that may be lurking around the web trying to decipher what my mind has to say about this issue I once scrammed away from.

As a state university student, I have gone used with all the pandemonium by the students striving to be heard by those in higher position. Since we are paying less for the quality education we all have the right to acquire, having insufficient funds and inadequate facilities are quite inevitable. These matters pushes most students to take on the risks which I believe isn't the last resort (if ever contemplated well): rallies.

These are some of the issues which state university students are battling for: (photos taken during the STAND-PNU campaign)


Sate Universities Privatization
Privatizing state universities, as it title goes, means that the government would no longer have the full control of the state universities' funds. Yes, it may open a lot of opportunities for us students since private stock holders have greater funds to support us but (you expect the big catch right?) they'll also have greater opportunity on transforming us into income-generating business. In short, bulging tuition fees for the scholars.

Student Fiscal Autonomy
Greater State Subsidy on Education
I believe only 10% (or maybe less) of the annual national budget is allotted for the education sector, international debts being the top-most priority.
Against Campus Repression
State Abandonment on Education
12.8 Million Budget Cut (yes, I am not exaggerating on that)
Regular Student Consultation
Against Commercialization
Education as a right
I have never been into a rally, or a mobilization, or whatever you may please to call it, but I do not loathe those who did or will, I, in fact commend them for being so brave in flaunting what they think is right, or perhaps what they think is a right. However, I think that we all have our own way of expressing ourselves, and in our own little ways, we are all making differences, no matter how big or small that differences may be.

A professor once told me that in order to change the discrepancies around you, you must start from healing yourself, and I firmly believe on that.

7 komento:

  1. rallies used to be quite popular in the Phils especially on students :/ i don't know much about stuffs like that but u should be careful dear :/ ive heard that rallies usually cause troubles and such.. take care!


  2. That looks like a very unique rally.

    I haven't been into a rally before as well and I want to. I wanna feel that I care about something enough to go through it. I also commend those people who join rallies because they speak up for the common people who usually lack the courage to stand up.

  3. I've never been in a real rally before. :) I've never been in a school subsidized by our government, so I don't really get into rallies. Budget cuts and/or privatization (of schools) is just a way for the government to earn. I'm not sure whether or not their purpose is good or bad, but I'm quite sure that it is not beneficial on the part of the students.

  4. wow, standing up for something :) that's good since you're going to make a difference in the student community .

    thanks for dropping by my blog by the way :D

  5. Students participating in rallies isn't surprising to hear. I think that this is the only way to get the government's attention nowadays. Anyway, I believe that this step made a huge impact and hopefully the government will make a decision that will actually benefit the students enrolled in state universities.

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