That's kind of a weird thing, I know. A very gregarious blogger who has a plethora in the field of word playing named this post as simple as that.

Maybe only a few of you knows that one of my greatest frustrations, aside from music and painting, is photography. As a passionate blogger like me, it's kind of a necessity, well, an obligation for me to take shots of what is happening in my life so that I may vividly share it with my audience (if there is). I know for a fact that if I really want to progress as an amateur, I should know that my blog won't be able to stand with words alone, so, I decided to painstakingly learn the magic of photography by always carrying a digicam with me (since I don't have that sparkling thing everyone calls DSLR).

And these are the moments it mustered:

Holy Cross @ Paco Park

Canopy @ Paco Park Manila
Worms Eye view @ Manila City Hall
First Educator @ National Museum Manila
Love at first sight @ Paco Park Manila
Dispute @ Paco Park Manila
Eloquence @ Philippine Normal University Manila

Bivisual @ Philippine Normal University Manila
Takoyaki Escapade @ United Nations Avenue Manila
Carry the Cross @ San Jose del Monte Bulacan

Pity-Petty Petinence @ San Jose del Monte Bulacan
German Furry Pals
All photos except for the first one, since I prefer keeping its raw sanctity, were improved by Photoscape (if they really were improved).

So what can you say? I know I have more than a sack of rice to take in terms of photography, that's why I am starting it as early, or might as well as late as now.

I find most of the photos very trivial, since it's kinda elusive for me to capture interesting sights because I seldom go out of our house, but I assure you to venture my small world.

If you want more of my photography shenanigans, you may visit my Tumblr blog by clicking HERE and my Twitter account by clicking HERE.

Speaking of photography, you guys should meet Rainy. She is the one who made my blog's new header and she is a very good photographer. Very good means that she really don't have to use expensive cameras and embezzle some extra lenses to capture nice photographs. See her blog: Rainymartini

P.S: Your criticisms and comments are very much welcome! I need some just verdicts for my works.

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  1. i thought that these were pretty good! i especially liked the holy cross, love at first sight, tokoyaki escapade, and the picture with the cat! i think it's so cool when cats have two different eye colors. and people too, i think i've only seen one person in real life with two different eye colors. oh, and mila kunis but only from the screen!

    anyway for an "amateur" you're really good. keep going and you'll be great in no time!

    oh and in response to your comment on my cbox, i don't have a twitter :( lol i feel like the only teenager in the world who doesn't have one!

  2. Photography becomes an escapade for some people. It's my favorite as well.

  3. Not bad for a budding photographer sis! :D

  4. I posted a comment here ;O didn't you receive it? T_________T