One Saturday morning, while I was enjoying the breath of fresh air and Mr. Golden Sun's slightly acceptable morning heat, I found this familiar yet highly peculiar looking thing beside our house...

I called my brother who was enjoying himself in front of the television, and he was so damn scared of how great Cacs (short for Cac-a-doodle-doo) have grown.

He was just this small when I first had my hands on him as a freebie from Bioresearch ParaƱaque for our Sci1-Bio educational trip during my first semester.

And now he's growing as tall as my legs (I'm standing 5'4 in height).

My father took good care of him while I was staying at my dormitory. He needed to improvise something to hold on Cacs' growing height, that explains the stick, it's not a photobomber.

He's growing heads too.

Perhaps he'll destined to be something to protect me and my family...

I also took photos of my favorite bed-buddy, Kokey.

Just in case you don't know who he is, he's a Filipino fictional character way back 90's and were reinvented during late 2009 (as far as I can remember). Obviously, he is an alien who happened to mistakenly land on Earth, more like Philippines' version of E.T.

Yes, I'm posting this out of boredom. This is what happens when all you have is your books and the internet: dull summer.

Perhaps I'll consider having a label of "Plants" and "Bizarre Stuff" already?

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