Head Over Heels

What sucks the most about Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition 4, aside from the fact it is driven by the raging hormones of teenagers, is that a certain cosplayer made headdresses so mainstream. You might think that I am saying this thing just to hide the fact that I flung with its bandwagon, but absolutely not, I've stopped watching it the moment I saw most of them wearing bizarre stuff on their heads like I do.

 When all other girls at my age are deranged with shoes and bags, I succumb my money in buying headdresses or head gears, whatever you might please to call them. My reason for having this slight preposterous mindset is that I believe that our heads are the first thing that people notice, so why blunder on the stuff that only kisses the floor or carry your junks?

I started collecting headdresses when I was thirteen years old. My first gear is the one my grandparents gave me. Since then, I fell in love with all its kind.

2008 from Canada
2010 from Tagaytay
The most over-used headdress of all.

2010 from Comic Alley
2011 from Splash Island

2011 Christmas Gift
2011 Christmas Gift
2012 from Subic Safari (Souvenir from my friend)
Of course I won't let my head be bare during football games.

2012 From Rizal Memorial Stadium (During Philippines-Malaysia Friendly Match)
Perhaps my edge compared to that mainstream cosplayer on tv is that I prefer the absurd headdresses over the generically cute ones.

Other find my collection quite lunatic and senseless, but dude, you have no idea how fulfilling it is when you know your head is wearing something nice and magical.

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  1. I love your Mokona Head dress! :) Cute!! :)
    I have that Green Pig from Angry Birds Head dress too! Haha! :)

    Too bad I'm part of the minority (or majority) that does not watch PBB Teens. I never knew that head dress, nowadays, are being in the "mainstream" :P

    Oh, BTW, I'm inviting you to join my giveaway! Details here: http://sofabulous.info/?p=206

  2. aww, these are so adorable :)) too bad i can't find one here in CDO, or maybe it's there, but i just haven't tried finding it . haha

  3. I love the Doraemon Head dress! You have quite a collection here. All of them are soooo cute. I hope you post a photo of you wearing one,I'd love to see it. :)

  4. Ooohh!!! I also have headdress. But only one. I got the the domo-kun from comic alley. HAHA! I was having second thoughts whether I should go for the black one just like yours. I forgot the name of the character. >_<

  5. ang damiii! isa lang ganyan namin eh haha galing zoobic :). sinusuot mo yan sis kahit a school?

  6. I find your collection cute! :) I thought your post was about the landian thingy in PBB. Haha. Oh well, headdresses are nice ♥