Lost in Intramuros

Yesterday me and my friends went to our university "recklessly" because we thought that we're required to get something we were absolutely clueless about: Course Checklist. the process came out very fast and smooth that it somehow proved it really wasn't such an important thing. Needless to say, I won't let go of the chance to roam around Manila with my friends (sort of like an act of appeasement as well).

So first we played on Tom's World at SM Manila.

Oh look, the Illuminati have got hold of arcades too! (Yes that is sarcasm)

Then we became really bored and quite trashy about the same old stuff we were seeing there and POOF! We caught ourselves wandering around the ruins of Intramuros. Thank God the sun wasn't that vicious that day.

I remember a jest I read on facebook saying that we'll only let China possess our Scarbarough Shoal if they can conjunct their Great Wall of China to our Great Wall of Intramuros.

The clock that saved (and will save) Manila college students.

The ruin.

Thought the bricks were made way back 1861 and 1981?

Think again. (Or am i the only one fooled by it)?

They got the biggest lawns ever. Hehe.


They're bringing sexy back. (To the tune of Justin Timberlake's UGH voice)

The statues.

Don't ask me what this sign means.

Sucks that this Broadway-vibed building became main stream with a 7/11 store inside it. :(

And the centerpiece goes to... *drum rolls*

We saw this evil-like statue which seems to be a hybrid of a dragon and a lion (creepy yet interesting). My friend scuttled towards it and act as if she's worshiping it. Lolol.

We also passed by the church... I forgot its name actually, but it sure got awesome prints on its roof.

And that was how my appeasement went.

While I was on the bus towards home I was actually disappointed to the things I saw. I've seen lots of photos and videos taken at Intramuros and each of them made me drooled rainbows, yet I didn't see any of those fancy stuff. When I showed my parents the photos I took they said that I was in the wrong part of Intramuros, that's why I wasn't able to see the things I wanted to see. *sulks in my room*

So, anyone fancy going there again with me? LOLOL.


That same day I saw a kitten brooding at our backyard. I adopted him and named him Schrocki (from my favorite football player Stephan Schrock). He slept on our kitchen then all of a sudden he urged his way outside our house and then went out of our sight. It rained so hard that day and I wasn't able to find him. After the rain he came back soaking wet and shivering, then moments later, he had his last breath. :'(

Life is a tragedy. RIP Schrocki.

8 komento:

  1. WOW :D i wanna go there! it's such a beautiful place.

    oh my, i'm sorry about your kitty. may he rest in peace.

  2. Oh my. Sana makapunta rin ako dyan. >.<

  3. Awww.Just when it finally found a home, he passed away. Poor Shrocki. :(

  4. Haha! I haven't been to Intramuros for like, 5 years and I kinda forgot that the placed looked like that!

    Oh my... T____T RIP Shrocki. It was nice of you to adopt him though, at least he passed knowing that someone actually had the heart to let him stay.

  5. aww. its like, i just had a tour in manila. nice pictures sis. i so love it :D hahah.

  6. I remembered how my boyfriend and I got lost at Intramuros. Hihi. Nice pictures, btw!

  7. Intramuros is one of my top choices to do some photography in Manila. That's a cute cat. Too bad he's no longer here. RIP.