Movies That Can Kick Higher Than The Avengers

While other teens my age are still flaunting how great the movie "The Avengers" was on 3D cinemas, I sulk with my thought of how the movie was so overrated. The movie got realistic special effects, nice story line, witty dialogues and the idea that our childhood superheroes joined forces on beating what we thought was unbeatable were enough factors to make it a top-grosser, but now what? For sure, there will come a time wherein all our heroes (including Captain Fatz, if you guys have any idea who he is) will conjunct together to save the world, and the movie The Avengers will be but a memory.

I am not a movie-buff, I prefer having the adventures on pages rather  than taking it in the screen. Maybe it is also because one of my frustrations is to be a movie director, and with that a part of me always protest that no one can pull out a story better than how I can (yabang!). I also don't have such a strong criteria to subject a movie as one of my favorites; I once thought that I will die loving romantic drama films then all of a sudden The Devil Wears Prada came and changed my whole aesthetics.

But I still have a heart for movies still, and I would like to show you three movies I have recently watched, which are all outdated yet still made it to "I sleep thinking on how the directors pulled the movie off" list.

1. Series of Unfortunate Events

I first watched this movie on free tv (lame) and also, it was dubbed in Filipino (lamer!), but even though I was very sure it lost half of its humor upon having its dialogue translated to Filipino, it still made me think that this is one hell of a movie.
The Series of Unfortunate Events was a 2004 American black comedy film by Brad Siberling, the director of Casper the Movie and City of Angels. It was an adaptation of the first three installments of Lemony Snicket's The Series of Unfortunate Events: The Bad Beginning, The Reptile Room and The Wide Window.
The story talked about the rich Baudelaire children: Violet, Klaus and Sunny and their misadventures to escape Count Olaf (Jim Carrey), their closest relative, who was just after their wealth. The misadventures I am talking about doesn't only involve running, hiding and more of those: Olaf was really determined to kill the children. He got them locked on car in the middle of a train railway, had them to almost sink into a sea full of leaches, and plenty other stuff which seemed to be quite unbearable for young minds. Still, through Violet's courage, Klaus intelligence (for he is really fond of reading) and Sunny's wit ( I see it very impossible how a toddler can survive all those tragedies), they were able to run away from their uncle... for now.
The movie was jam packed with humorous and witty lines, surreal settings and a superb narration from Jude Law. The goth aura of the film was a big YES for me since I am such a fan of death and chivalry.

2. The Great Debaters

It was on my Academic Reading subject when I first learned about this movie. Since debate was our last exam for the said subject, our professor said that we shall keep notes along watching the movie... which then I realized was really impossible since the movie was really breathtaking.
The 2007 movie was about three black Americans, along with their mentor, who were all struggling to be the best debate team on the United States during 1997. It was the age when racial discrimination was on its peak, so you can assure loads of tears before they beat powerhouse Harvard University on what seemed to be an impossible match. Along their journey towards the top, they engaged on inner conspiracies, conflicting love affairs and other more mishaps. The scene wherein they were heading to Texas and they found a Negro being lynched by a white mob seemed to be the climax of the story, for it brought out both the best and worst on all the characters, and it was also the main catalyst for the winning line on their final debate.
There were loads of touching and inspiring lines on the movie, to the point that blogger might crash when I quote all of them. But here is my favorite line:

T: Tolson, their mentor (Denzel Washington)
D: The three debaters
T: Who is your judge?
D: God.
T: Why is he God?
D: Because He decides who wins and loses, not my opponent.
T: Who is your opponent?
D: He doesn't exist.
T: Why doesn't he exist?
D: Because he is just a mere discerning voice to the truth I speak.
Oh and yes, have I told you that the film was based on a true story?

3. Apocalypto

Again, it was free tv that brought me this movie, only that it was better since it wasn't dubbed in Filipino. I think my sister was bewildered (and scared) on the movie's peculiar plot that she needed to wake me up to watch with her, but thank God she was.
The film's story revolved around the culture of a Malay tribe and their ritual of robbing people from other tribes to kill them for their god. In the story, Jaguar Paw was about to be killed by the tribe leaders but the solar eclipse mystified all of the people that they actually forgot they were about to kill him. That spared time gave him a chance to hide his pregnant wife and his child into a deep pit in the middle of the forest.
When the solar eclipse was over, the tribe leaders got back on killing Jaguar Paw. He was hit by a bow on his stomach but he still managed to escape and run deep in the forest and across a waterfall. Along his escape which seemed to go on forever, he realized that he need not to be afraid for the forest and the nature was on his side. He made traps and poisonous weapons and eventually killed most of his opponent. The movie ended on Jaguar and his family, which now had two children (the mother gave birth on the pit, underwater.), escaping from the last soldiers upon the arrival of the men in ships, which remind me of the Spaniards trying to propagate Christianity.
What's so nice about the movie was the idea that it could have been happening somewhere, since we all know that tribes with absurd cultures really do exist. It was filled with violence, of course, but it was but a dime of a dozen for there were plenty of stuff to remark rather than the spilling blood.

And so those are the movies that I believe can kick higher than The Avengers. Call me weirdo or whatever, but not my movies.

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  1. haha akala ko ako lang ang di masyadong naaantig sa avengers. though gwapo talaga si capt america at sexy si scarlett pero siguro hindi ko masyado type yung ganung type ng movie.

    Natawa ako sa tagalog version haha. sa TV5 yan noh? Pero napanuod ko na siya, ang ganda ni Emily Browning :)). Nakakainis si Count Olaf... okay lang din na gothic yung effects niya :)).

    Yung Apocalypto, yep napanuod ko rin yan sa school naman namin, pinapanuod ng teacher namin. exciting! ang galing ng story line!


  3. haha, yea, i agree with you, the avengers is so overrated.
    the unfortunate events ! my all time favorite movie ! i so so envy emily browning here. haha :D

  4. Unfortunate events was a good movie (the books were far greater tho lol). I think it could've been bigger if the people are more familiar with it.

    Anyway, Avengers wasn't that bad. Tho the story was kinda lame-ish. Hihi.

  5. That's a good line-up of movies you got there. I might just download some of those since I'm looking for good movies now.

    Although, I have to disagree. The Avengers was cool, not just in the movies, but in comics, too. All the effects, aesthetics, and pogi and pretty characters aside, The Avengers had more jampacked action and a more complex story in the comics. Why not give the comics a shot?

  6. OMG! Am I really out of movie topics? I haven't watched any of the three listed above :O But, will try to watch those three! :)

  7. Haven't watched any of those sis but they look pretty good. I heard Apocalypto might be cruel but I am into historical films so I would like to watch it. Thanks for sharing.

    Anyway, I replied on your comment. Check it out here - http://pixiechronicle.blogspot.com/2012/05/happy-may-everyone-when-may-1-stepped.html#comment-540278268

    See you on my giveaway too - http://www.remakestyle.com/2012/05/win-beauty-and-fashion-products-giveaway/

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  9. I watched A Series of Unfortunate Events and The Great Debaters, yung Apocalypto hindi pa. Haha! Though I love the movie The Avengers so much, I can't deny that I agree with you the those 3 (or 2, in my case) movies are some of the greatest movie that I saw. Ang galing ni Jim Carrey sa pag-portray ng character niya as Count Olaf! :) Natutuwa ako sakanya at sa way ng pag-arte niya everytime na nagiiba-iba siya ng character. Too bad hindi nag-"hit" dito sa Pilipinas yung movie na yan noon. :(

    Ang intense din nung The Great Debaters. Sobrang nagustuhan ko yung story! :) Since I am against racial discrimination (or discrimination, in general) :)

  10. Avengers may be overrated, but it was a great movie :)

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