Story: Lifeline

I've came up with a new story for my Wattpad account! And this time, I didn't settle on doing a one-shot short story, I am planning to do a semi-novel! (If such exist)

Rick has always been startled about the new girl on their neighborhood- Laura. He is sure that it is not because of her illuminating presence that lights up a room nor it is because of her undeniably serene features; Laura came into his life right after the accident happened to him- the accident that almost placed him right into the treshold of death. He knows that it is not just a sheer coincident, somehow, he feels such a strong and vibrant connection between them... and he is yet to discover the reason why.
That's the cover photo I did and the teaser of the story. However, I have already posted its chapter one!

Read the whole story here: http://www.wattpad.com/4991967-lifeline

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