CINEMALAYA 2012 Escapade: The Animals

Just when I thought I have heard all the preposterous frat names possible, there was Kukurikapoo.

It would be a sin to boycott a movie you promoted, with that I am not guilty of, all because I managed to watch the Cinemalaya entry I have blogged about: The Animals. And I may say, it was really worth neglecting a major subject! Literally.

I managed to drag six of my college friends to watch with me with the facade that we would just watch the 3:30 pm screening of Bwakaw, little did they know, my real plan was to get someone with me to stay until the 9:00 pm screening of The Animals *evil laugh*. Fortunately, the tickets for Bwakaw was sold-out that we needed to settle on an exhibition film just to not waste our time, but the film-which-must-not-be-named was so trashy that you would recklessly say: Isa pa nga, p*ta! Which most of them did say, so I went like: Oh good, The Animals looks great, shall we wait for it? with all the bits of innocence I may inject to my voice. Hehehe.

Back to the decent blogger in me, my reputation of having a queer eye for films (naks) was met by The Animals. My friends really have commended me for it (though I really have nothing to do with its excellence) to the point that I almost succeed urging them to treat me out for dinner. Even the one who have been, I may say, "traumatized", with how local films can suck big time because of Corazon: Ang Unang Aswang, have flattened his tie and decided that "slowly" he would try reconcile with Filipino films.

In all honesty, I was nervous watching The Animals, not because of its storyline or whatsoever, but because I  was really afraid to realize that I have been victimized (again!) by the enchanting scent of cool stars brimming an indie film casting, or simply its nice teaser, but HA! my nervousness had gone completely off with the wind when the lights went off, and the Shutdown party went on.

Basing on its cinematography, what I liked about The Animals was that it was sort of lying in the equinox of mainstream and indie. It did have an excellent quality, something that can match those who are extravagantly funded by huge sponsors, yet, it didn't feel like one. Also, it wasn't overwhelming for teenagers. For sure, it did have some private scenes but they weren't lain CocoMartinish to the point that all that was left to do was to puke (I don't have anything bad to say about him, but I guess you all get the context of what I am saying) yet again, it didn't play safe just to compromise with the fact that most of their viewers may be juveniles. And not all the scenes are zoomed-in! You might find this a little absurd but this is one thing I have been brooding about ever since, directors and camera men, you need not to zoom-in everything just to heighten the texture of your film and to emphasize the superb acting of your stars, that's why cinemas have gargantuan screens, so that it may accommodate all the stuff happening on your film. Kung laging mata na lang ng artista mo ang ipapakita mo, ay di sana nag-upload ka na lang sa Youtube! (Confetti for me for resisting the urge to name drop that film-maker. Hahaha)

For the stars, I may say they all have gave justice to their characters. And as expected, they embodied each and every kind of kids I have stumbled upon during my high school days and even now. What's funny about it is that if you are someone at my age and you have realized that somehow, you are like one of the characters, you will be left saying "Ay, ganyan ba talaga ko?" or better yet "Bakit ko ba ginawa yang mga ganyan dati?!" It was really a big slap for me, in all honesty, the way it brought me epiphany on how imprudent I (or all of us) have lived that way even once in our lives. 

One manifestation of a good film for me is that I can not accurately tell its story or my mere opinions about it verbally and technically, something I have been suffering until now when someone will ask me about how it have gone. I love how it ended, but didn't quite ended (for one of the main characters, the root of all evil specifically, was left unharmed!); I love it how it didn't went on very tragic; I love it how it was very much alarming; I love it how I may use it for my parents to realize that I am not the worst type of daughter (personal propaganda eh?!); I love it how it shows that everyone really has a wild side no matter how goody-good and brainy you are at first sight; I love... the whole movie itself! See, the technical-critic I used to be was now buried somewhere because of the film!

Kudos to the whole team of The Animals! But seriously though, taxi-operating companies may sue you for imposing a bad view on them! Haha. Joke. No, seriously, I am one of those who would now try to avoid riding a cab. xD

As I have said on my tweet to you guys before: Nothing more to say about the movie: ANG GALENG SHIT.

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