Libboo: Removing the 'Boo' in Book Blogging

It has only been months from now when I considered the idea of book blogging and I may say that I have been literally and idiomatically all over the place. Literally because I am still trying to familiarize myself on this niche I am now venturing, and idiomatically, because I really am befuddled on what I should do and expect on this blogging platform.

What I have learned from the past few months is that book blogging is not just about telling the world what you have read but more on telling the world what they should and should not read. As a word warrior (not just a bookworm) and a literature major, I have developed some kind of a critical sense over the stuff I am reading. I don't just read, I comprehend and analyze as well. Having said that it wasn't that hard for me to sound credible enough for my readers and even for my clients. And as of now, within a span of two months, I have already received offers from authors to do a book review from them!

However, what I noticed is that interacting with an author is no walk in a park. When I begun, I needed to search for online forums which may somehow connect me to authors, but only one out of the five of them have been really helpful to me. Also, I needed to manually message the authors for my book review and advertising offers, and needless to say, it was such an excruciating process!

Good thing someone messaged me about an online site that connects authors and book bloggers like me!

The Libboo pilot will be a three-month program that will help authors get discovered, and significantly increase their influence and books sales through the use of Libboo’s patent pending technology. Upon the launch of the pilot, buzzers will be matched with books they will love and want to talk about. - Libboo
Surreal? I know. If you are a bookworm or simply someone contemplating about life (that was meant to be read as someone who is experiencing extreme boredom) perhaps it is now time for you to get something to read and share it to the word. FOR FREE!

Free books are given as rewards. However, Libboo will provide free previews of all the books and everyone will have equal chances on getting each of them. Libboo never require their buzzers to purchase anything (although a good way of getting one is to buzz about it so that you may earn a free copy of it. 

Libboo calls their book bloggers as book buzzers. Fortunately, there are no specific requirements or minimum numbers of book you have read to be a boom buzzer as long as you have a heart for reading and is willing to buzz it to the whole world- you can buzz in!

It didn't just confide with the reader in me, but also to my writer persona. It is just touching to know that a company such as Libboo makes an effort to help independent and self-financed writers that may have troubles in creating their own spot in the writing industry. Who knows, perhaps a year or two from now, I am the one Libboo buzzers are blogging about (hopefully!)

Another thing that really amused me is how they create such a friendly connection between their book buzzers and their company itself. Along our professional online conversation, they asked me random stuff about me which really caught me off-guard. I really thought they are spamming me, but then I realized I will lose nothing if I answered them so I gave it a try. It is just recently that I have realized that it was their way of breaking the ice between us so that we may have a joyful stay within their fences.

Find my possible footprints there!
So, what are you waiting for? Go and register at Libboo, discover literary masterpieces, get them all for free as a prize of your buzzing!

We know no one will dare to resist Nutella.
*Artworks courtesy of Nicki Haylon

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  1. Wow, Ms. RHEA! [dot] org na ikaw. Congratulations.. And guess what, I guess I have just found the right niche for my blog.. Book blogging sounds cool! =)

  2. Wew.. Hope I'll become as good as you when it comes to grammar T_T

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