33rd Manila International Book Fair

What could be more surreal than a room full of books? A hall full of books! That's it!

So last September 12, I managed to drag some of my friends to the 33rd Manila International Book Fair at the SM Mall of Asia SMX Center.

So these are the photos I (and my friend) have taken during the event.

Note: Quality may vary, some photos were taken with my phone's camera and some with my friend's DSLR. Also, as a respect for his intellectual property rights over his shots, watermarks may respectfully vary as well.

You know you just have to do it.


Philippine Literature.

There was this one booth which will let you play Temple Run for a book. How I wish my mom was with me, upak na upak siya pag nagte-Temple Run!

I am no history-enthusiast but this one is really mind blowing!

Other shenanigans of the fair.

We then jumped to the nearest Fullybooked branch since we didn't freaking see their stall on the fair.

Look at what we found there! Why settle for the overrated 50 Shades of Grey while there is a hundred of it!

Since I am constantly restricting myself in opening my pocket just so I may save money for a decent camera, I only have a budget of 200 pesos for this book fair. And guess what, I actually spent 175 pesos only! *confetti*

Alice in Wonderland (I know this is close to being trivial but then again I owe everything to her.)

City of Cannibals

So far, these are the books I have hoarded for the upcoming semestral break. Yay!

One big smile! :D

To those who are envy over this post (Joke!), the 33rd Manila International Book Fair will be up until Sunday 8 pm!

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  1. cool !! I don't read novels, i can't take those pages, though i like seeing people reading , specially if they read english novels that really thick, they seem smart to me hahaha...


  2. I'm kinda envious but I have no choice, I live far from your place. OTL.

    RE: I know it's wrong to copy. I had no choice. I couldn't miss the online exam too so I did it. Thanks for commenting. Lotsa love here! ♥

  3. Hi Rhea! You're studying at PNU pala. I'm studying at Cebu Normal University naman. haha :D Thanks for dropping by at my blog. :)

  4. i wanted to go there pero malayo ;s

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