Mirrors and Monochrome

On when and how my adherence to photography started- I do not know, what I am sure of is that it gives me more frustrations than artistic satisfactions. I do not have a decent camera myself, and that is not over-statement, I do not have any DSLR nor any digital camera (it is not mine officially) so I need to settle on my phone's camera which is not even high-resolution. However, Photoscape indeed helps me a lot in improving my photos, which pretty much means that at least they are not visually appalling.

But whatever boulders you may throw on me about this foolishness, I will only swallow them. Yes, I am that stubborn, and it isn't my nature to compromise with the people who do not respect my idiosyncrasy.

These past few days I am all blundering about monochrome, a.k.a black and white. Perhaps it's all because of the beauty of the silent film I have recently watched entitled The Artist (see my movie review here), or entirely because I obviously lack the sense of color combination. Either way, I am posting the junks photos I have taken.

The Bulb and the Mirror

Another Bulb and the Mirror


What's bigger than 2? A magnified 2.

I would also like to share my other acceptable photos I have hoarded. Although they are not in monochrome, I have made use of mirrors, so I think it still fine if I post it here. Why am I even explaining myself?

Mirror, Love, and Vanity.

Ugh yeah, this has nothing to do about the title. But then again, I need not to explain myself.  

Old- New Year

Okay. If you think I am already spamming with this post (which is very much impossible since this is my blog) Just imagine how I will be if I will have decent camera (which is very soon!).

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  1. I love the photos though! Especially the first ones! :)

  2. Our friend Steve Poleskie uses a 14 year old Olympus E-10, with just 4 megapixels and shoots only by natural light. He prefers a big, heavy camera which steadies his hand, rather than a phone, etc. He does not use PhotoShop, only the Cammedia program that came with the camera, and then only to get the pictures onto his computer. Good luck with your photography.
    Sidney Grayling