Shutterbuggin' Week 2

Last week was literally vroom-toogs-vroom-toogs meaning up-down-up-down. Vroom, for I have realized how blessed I am to be a part of a creatively jolly department (All hail eLITTes!); Toogs, for I have been throbbed by such a wide spectrum of emotions because of someone; Vroom, for I have written several decent literary pieces; and, Toogs for not having lots of inspirations for photo.

There, there, enough said. What I have been trying to say is that my second shutterbuggin week is very impotent. These are the decent photographs I have taken last week. Warning: Don't expect too much, aesthetically and literally.

Yes, I go out late at night to stare at city lights.

Divine interventiooooon. LOL

Ahh, I also did some elementary flower painting with my brother's watercolor.

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