Shutterbuggin Week 3: Food

The most significant thing that happened last week was that perhaps, I didn't feel anything except for hunger, or better yet it was the only thing my mind thought I was feeling. I am not making use of exaggeration here, it is quite literal. Aaaahhhh... if you can only imagine that bombarding feeling when you open your pocket and realize you've spent so much for the past 24 hours. :(

With that being said, most of my shutterbuggin photos are, needless to say, food.

My current petty luxury! Mango Shake + Kalamares!

Nothing beats.


The cheapest of all.

Okay, obviously, this isn't a food but isn't it really nice, if not even miraculous, that my dorm constantly provide me a good skyline scenario?

I am thinking of imposing a topic for my next shutterbuggin weeks. What do you think guys? :D

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