Signs You're Reading a Good Book

There are books that will leave you in awe; and there are books which are just plainly awful. Having said that, there are actually no specific norms that will set a masterpiece (that is in the narcissism side of a writer) really worth reading. I am pretty much sure that I am not the only one who is so much troubled when asked about what my favorite book is- I literally brim with skepticism once I am caught in that dreadful situation. It should be a page-turner... But what if the only thing that keeps you in turning the page is the idea of ending the prolonged anxiety being brought to you by the book? It shall make me giddy... Giddy enough to kill the writer? I should finish it in a short span of time... All because you can't wait to remove all its remnants in your mind?

What a trouble isn't it? There, there, I can here your loud sighs out of affirmation (hope so!) And so now, I will try to enumerate the different manifestations (withdrawal syndromes even!) that may indicate that you are reading one hell of a book. *Mockery is observed.

1. I didn't expect that coming... or I actually did... but no, I didn't.
Twists, I may say, are the heart of every story. Not that they overrun the other factors that shall be considered but they are the spice to the blunt soup. With the hundreds of books being published everyday all over the world, cliche is something nobody can avoid, but it's up to the writer how he'll lay that cliche beautifully. Say for example, we thought that the gunshot of Juliet will be the sweetest tragedy ever written, but then there came a holy Jamie Sullivan and a hipster Landon Carter, and the fact that he's so hot yet he can't move-on.... and so we are perplexed.

2. Wait, is that even possible?!
I firmly believe that the greatest reason why we are reading is to satisfy our imagination. Through books we can defy gravity, make something explode all of a sudden, or even make someone fall in love with us (Awww.) There are no limitations, just of course, see to it that you are not blundering unto your sleep. Great books will make you wonder if something have ever happened or can happen. It will be a strong indication that the story is appealing to the five senses that it almost established another one, and that the writer made have successfully made his imagination palpable. Ted Dekker on his Saint is a very good example, once I caught myself staring blankly in a room, thinking if I can change the place's temperature according to the zero-point level theory (or was it just sheer desperation to fight the tropical heat?).

3. No food after 6 pm... not even water.
Food is a universal temptress, if you can resist food because of a book then it is really something. If you will unconsciously say the mystical words "I'll pass" over your mother's specialty, then it will instantly convoke that you are on the verge of falling lunatic over a good book (but boy, isn't it heartbreaking for your mother's heart?). This also tantamount in saying that if you want to control your diet, getting a nice book is a good option. Although in my case, it works in the other way- I tend to eat more when things are getting more exciting.

4. Is that a bruise? Oh no, eye bags.
A good book will keep you awake as much as your snorting roommate can, only in the good way. Reading will literally drift you away from time and space, you will lose contact in everything reality provides.You will start at 6 am and realize that it's already 6:15 am... of the next day. How on Earth can you ever contain yourself when Bilbo is about to face Smaug the Dragon?!

5. "I think you're the alien destined to abduct the universe..." "I'm you father."
As what I have told you a while ago, you will lose your grip of reality. You will see the characters of the good book you are reading embodied by everyone around you, or worse, you will see them... themselves. The thing is, a good book will leave us believing whole-heartedly that we cannot even stop our self from doing so. But please take note that this manifestation is a little perilous, just imagine that you believe your boyfriend is a tribute of the other district and you struck him with your arrow...

6. That is so "Insert book title here".
You can't simply fight the urge of relating everything about the good story you have just read. No matter how miles apart your conversation might be, you will find a way to connect it with your beloved book. For an instance, your friend accidentally fell into a manhole, and while everyone is there being deranged about what they should do, you'll stand there and say: "I bet she's with the Mad Hatter now."

7. Homicidal Syndrome
This is far more flexible than what you think. It's either you go homicidal over the person that disturbs you; over the antagonist that hurts your favorite character; over your favorite character who has been playing "goody-dumby" game the whole time yet you just can't leave him; over the writer who didn't write the exact thing you wanted to happen; or, even over yourself for not being physically on the story. You may say that I'm getting it too far but believe me, for once in your life you have declared "I swear I'm gonna kill ******* soon", perhaps unconsciously.

These are just seven out of the numerous withdrawal syndromes bookworms are experiencing every now and then. So if you are one of those who think that reading is a job for sluggish people... think again. You don't know how obfuscating this sluggish job can be.

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