Hues and Silhouettes

My weakest point in photography, not that I do have strong points, is that I don't know how to play with the light. I always end up having too bright or too dark photos, seldom are those who come in between. This is so preposterous with the fact at the key to photography is lighting. Oh well.

Buuuuut, thank God I can still make use of my "against the light" photos with the help of Photoscape! *clap clap*

What I find special in these photos is that even though the subject are literally invisible because of darkness (nice!) the background hues are very vivid.

My favorite. *drum rolls*

I honestly don't know if you find anything artistic in these photos but if you claim yourself as an artist, I daresay you shall. Hehehe.

PS: I'm getting more and more proficient in Photoscape! I'm thinking of doing a tutorial. What do you think?

3 komento:

  1. nice shot... keep it up...


  2. I want to try taking silhouette photos too! I tried once and it was a fail. HAHA! Looks like you all had fun. :)

  3. Seriously, the photos are cool! I like how you named it Hues and Silhouettes. The subject went well with the photos. The photos are not that far by DSLR shots.