Kaya Gangnam Style

I really am not sure if it's my ever fluctuating memory span that I really lost track why these things happen:

Oha, and emosyon!

It's like once upon a time, I was a football fan. Now I am a drop dead emotional Kaya Ultra! Oh well, this video pretty much explain why it has been Kaya all the way (Through thick and thin! Through scoreless matches to... 'are these players even human?!' ones!)

Behold, Kaya Gangnam Style!

That's how we roll in Kaya, "In Kaya, We are Family... a fancy groovin family, that's it."

The video have been viral, nonetheless!

Thank God my sister and I support this club, I would never have it the other way around.

Know more about this awesome Local Football Club:
Kaya Football Club Website / Kaya FC Facebook Fanpage / Kaya FC Twitter Account

Be an Ultras Kaya:
Ultras Kaya Facebook Fanpage / Ultras Kaya Twitter Account

PS: Sucks that my mood swings devoured me during the day the video was shot. Phew.

2 komento:

  1. what is a Kaya? is that a football team? oh. sorry I didn't watch the vid because of this poor internet connection.

  2. Oh myyy!! I'm a die-hard Azkal fan. But when it comes to football clubs, I love Global FC. Probably, the toughest rival of Kaya right now. lol