Lazada Product Review: Daycraft's Make My Day Skullz

In the age of electronic and web-based notebooks, one cannot simply deny the fact that it all roots down to that certain thing you used to call your bestfriend: a handy notebook.

You wouldn't expect a writer without a notebook, would you?

This is the part three of my Lazada Philippines series of sponsored post, and this time, I am about to conduct a product review under their Stationery Items category! You got it right, still something to do with papers... I really cannot deny the fact that I got this weird attachment to parchments (wow it rhymes!).

Back to the product (sorry for those shenanigans!); I have picked Daycraft's Make My Day Skullz notebook. It was really a tough choice I tell you, for Lazada provided me such a wide bracket of stationery products which are all pleading to my heart (chos), but nevertheless, my ever gothic mindset that can be traced back when I was on my early stage of puberty prevailed!

Its punky vibe didn't end on it cover, each paper is designed by this Anime inspired accents (it reminds me of Dragon Ball Z, don't ask me why).

It has a henna-tattoo pack as well. Yes! The kind you can get on gums, only that these are a lot cooler and fancier.


There are some things that cannot really be seen in photographs (boy was that personal?!). No seriously, the hard-bound cover of the notebook isn't made out of plain, colored paper, but rather it has this leather feeling, the kind your father's wallet have. Also, what I really love about it is that its paper, no matter how stylish it is, has mild rough feeling that makes it convenient in writing. The problem with smooth-surfaced paper is that it prolongs the drying of any pen's ink, and if you are reckless as I am, one wrong move will spread the ink to the whole face of the paper... instant color! (Sarcasm, just in case you didn't get it.)


With this I am very much sure I have translated into photographs. The My Chemical Romance-vibe of the notebook is justified by the skullz, which is the epitome of punk, and is balance by the roses for the romantic and girly feeling (Chyuh!). And also, I am a Gun N' Roses fan, so I find the gun tattoo very nostalgic (another Chyuh!). But then, I would love to see some roses inside the notebook, so that it may also equalize the punkiness of the papers.


I am honestly surprised on how small the notebook is... but in the good way. I am commending Daycraft for successfully compressing their excellent design on such a handy notebook. You can bring it anywhere and anytime, and it wouldn't even steal an inch for your kikay stuff inside your bag. I find it perfect for on the go writers like journalists... or like me (Chos), so that you may take down every detail of anything fancy you may encounter. Also, I suggest bloggers to have handy notebooks like this, I know for a fact we swore to let our readers know every detail of our life. The henna-tattoo is really nice, but I would have loved it more if it were stickers.


We all shall take note of everything that interests us, literally! A necessity for writers and even everyday bloggers!

You did think the notebook came lonely, didn't you? WRONG. It came with freebies!

Another set of vouchers! Yey!

Define generosity!

Grab your own Daycraft's Make My Day Skullz Notebook!
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