Paper Weight

Being a Literature major has its perks and peeves. Perks: exposure to a wide array of literary works that will forge the writer in you; unfurl your other artistic talents (movies, music, theater etc.); and behold, the fact most of us takes as something surreal: NO MATH. There are other reasons why literature is to be reveled upon, but there is this one thing that constantly pushes us to the verge of death|: a sh*t load of written works.

Yes, most of us look that old now.

Come to think of it, I have jut recently started my career as a Literature major, yet I think I have already shed more than half of the sweat and blood my body have produced all through out my whole existence. The thing is, each and every subject we have pushes our 'pen limit', and the phrase 'a pen is mightier than a sword' is the only thing we hold on to as of now (the promise that this writings will eventually turn out as a positive change for our country, phew!). Do not get me wrong, I am not going berserk over my decision to pursue literature, or perhaps I am, but I think I am brave enough to lie on the bed I choose!

I cannot really describe the feeling when you finish a written requirement.No matter how short it is, when you know to your self that you've vested all your energy upon that project, you can't simply help to feel but it is the most http://www.superiorpapers.net/ you have ever seen... or perhaps I do. Truth is, I really have no trouble generating ideas regarding a certain topic (this is when I can take my verbose nature as an edge- HAH!) but my problem is, due to an insistent overflow of ideas, I can't seem to organize theme with utmost coherence. I have this tendency to teem my paper with lots of ideas and in the end I explained none. Phew.

This is the reason why I have a great load of respect for custom essay writers even though of course, creative writers still owns my heart. I simply can't imagine myself digging something I am completely clueless about and still provide a satisfying output with harmonious ideas. Not that I a brooding over myself (well, I always am) but such professionals capitalize on their talent, in spite of the fact that the greatest reason why they are doing it is to earn money. I myself have experienced being on their shoes and blimey, my first month was really disastrous, to the point where all of my outputs where subject for revisions. But excellence comes with maturity, perhaps I can go back on that job when I am already established and experience! (CHYUH!)

So people, fancy helping get out of this pile of burden? I mean papers?

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