Sabaw Days of Outrageous Writer

Sabaw n. any form of food in liquid. Especially combined with normal foods in dishes.
            adj. Crazily lethargic.

There are days when I feel like not doing anything normal within my bounds (reading, writing, watching a film, sleeping) and I succumb on the normal stuff most teenagers do. Yes, I am still normal.

Good thing I managed to drag some of my college girl friends with me. LOLOL. We ransacked our friend's condo unit. Hoho.

Funny though was that what we did there was the stuff you can do almost anywhere. Like surfing the net...

... lying on the floor..

... singing our hearts off...

The inevitable food!

We decided to watch 500 Days of Summer (due to my annoying persistence) but we ended up talking rather than watching. Hoho.


Who told you I ain't vain?

And in that moment, I swear, we are infinite.

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  1. You're pretty! And whoa. It's nice you get to hang out in your friend's place. I always wanted to raid the places of my friends.