Breaking Dawn 2: The Finale That Will Break You

I have never seen this treachery coming, but I loved Twilight Saga's Breaking Dawn Part Two. I know most of you, especially those who truly know me, will find this highly preposterous for I have always loathe Twilight. But then again, the only constant thing in this world is change, it sucks though that it took them years to bitch slap me and make me realize that the movie is far deeper than the trash I've have always seen.

It was beyond beautiful- and that is even an understatement. The thing is, it really broke not just my ideology, my idiosyncrasy and whatnot, but most especially, it broke my heart. I have always hated the fishy, romantic kind of love between Edward and Bella, and I have always seen that far more impossible than the existence of vampires and werewolves. But to my utter surprise (and delight) the story didn't revel that much over that, but rather it focused on the other perspective of love: friendship, family and forever.

I honestly thought it would be too late to introduce new characters, but again, to my utter surprise, they made a 180-degree turn on this crucial point. Each and every character, especially those whose pictures are seen above, have contributed a great sorcery over the whole story. Their exposure were very limited, and that is where the magic falls in, it made me want for more. For all I know, even the die-hard fans have experienced getting tired of the main characters, good thing the producers have mended this problem. However, (I know you expect this one coming) I find it inappropriate to see element (earth, fire and water) benders as vampires. I would prefer that vampires' peculiar gift are all those like the Cullen's, all intellectual.

The final battle was really tricky, and I really have to commend the director and all the people who have thought of this great twist. The scene was close to being impeccable. I loved the fact that it didn't aspire to go on being so Nicolas Cage, but rather it appealed more to the emotion. There was too much emotional pain on the characters, and it was successfully sent across the audience, well at least for me.

I think the producers conducted a very precise consensus not just among their fan base but most importantly, among their haters. Perhaps they have reckoned long before that if they kill either Edward or Bella it will only satisfy the fetish of the dizzers, so they needed to kill other characters.

The moment Carlisle, well, died, served as the gun-start of the battle, and it greatly affected me. The thing is, Carlisle has been there all along, quiet and stoic, but it is a fact that he has been the solace of everyone and everything. Allow me to put it in a literature student's perspective: Carlisle has been the center of everyone and everything right at the very beginning. The idea that there will be bloodshed not for a stupid love team but for someone that great, it was really surreal.

I cannot even explain the emotions I have felt when Jasper, well, died too. I have always shipped the Alice-Jasper loveteam because they're simply that great... oh crap, why would I even lie? I shipped Alice-Jasper because I imagine it is Rhea-Jasper. Hohohoho. It's like my boyfriend died right in front of my very eyes. Hahaha. I literally cursed the whole movie at that moment, I was like "F*ck Edward should have been the one to die! Bella should be the one! Everyone should die! But not Jasper! F*ck everyone!!!!"

Seth's death made a mark as well, nonetheless. The wolf pack needed to make a scene, of course.

Uggh, this is the most blusterous part of the story. I find it really stupid for Stephanie Meyer to show that Jacob is a pedophile. But.... that was before when I saw the movie. Apparently, Renesmee and Jacob's chemistry was acceptable. It wasn't fishy and all, but it was sweet and innocent... at least as far as where the movie have gone.

The meadow scene made me think "Ohh please Bella, don't ruin the atmosphere" but to my surprise, she didn't. The short recap of their love story made me realize that their romance isn't that trashy when viewed as a whole. And together with Cristina Perri's A Thousand Years, just like what Charlie said on the Perks of Being of a Wallflower "it was the kiss that made me realize I was never happy my entire life."

Perhaps you're thinking that this is another post from a blinded fangirl, but I got a proof of my utter transformation.



I know this is blasphemous, but the Twilight's Saga's Breaking Dawn Part Two is better than Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two.

Dear Twilight producers, why just now?!

Photo curves from Colors and Wishes.

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