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I have made it clear right at the very beginning that I am no pro in photography nor do I have a decent camera. The stuff found in this blog that I refer as my own kind of photography, are mainly a product of good angles, lighting, and photoshop.

I owe my entire photo career (as if I have one!) to computer filters, but there are some moments when my photoshop skills will fall shortly that I'd need to concede and delete my photos. Goodness knows how delighted I was when Rainy Martini, my main inspiration in photoblogging, opened her own color shop. And boy have I thrown a feast when she gave me a few of her color curves FOR FREE!

What is Colors and Wishes? 
It is an online store that sells Adobe Photoshop presets. Here you can buy various colors on-the-go to bring your photographs to life without having the need to manually adjust and exert too much effort. Colors & Wishes specializes in dreamy and vintage-inspired colors, but more presets for a wide range of needs will be released as time goes on.

Colors and Wishes sells the following presets:

Curves- an adjustment setting that can vary the tonal range, color and feel of an image.
Actions- a set of recorded adjustment settings that help the editor achieve a desired look without manually doing the same process over again.
PSD- a file that may contain previously set layers, and adjustment settings or other stuff that the designer chose to save.

I am not proficient in Adobe Photoshop, and honestly, I have downloaded my own creative suite solely because of Rainy's color shop. Since I am pretty sure I would end up completely bewildered if it will go farther than presets, I have only tried the curves.

Parachute is a free curve that adds a vibrant glow on your photos. It makes your photos somehow pinkish, but in an adventure-kind of way. So its like making yourself believe you're in a pink world, which I think is most girls' wish.

Oh this is my favorite!

Warm Tea is most inspired with vintage films. As you see, it gives your photos that yellow-green kind of effulgence I cannot actually put into words. Hahaha. But perhaps by simply looking at the photos, you'll see that it will make your photos look like they have faded with the time... emotions!

Like Parachute, Raindrops lifts the pink shade in your photos. However, if Parachute is perfect for your travel photos, I think Raindrops is tailor-sewn for making avatars and photosets. I am sorry I haven't got any photos that will highlight the beauty of Raindrops... but boy, isn't Johnny Depp and Leonardo Di Caprio a better choice?!

So if you are a frustrated photographer (like me) or a blogger forcing herself to create beauty out of normal photographs (like me as well) or a normal girl who wants to improve her memories (like me with a sniff), what are you waiting for? Add color in your life through Colors and Wishes!

Colors and Wishes online shop
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@sixthsixksheep (Rainy's Twitter)

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