Mixtape 1: To Infinity

I am pretty sure that everyone of you is no stranger to the word "Infinity". As to how common folks define it, infinity is a great number or amount (Google), but to those who have been infected by the Charlie-venom, you'll know right in your very veins that it is beyond any great amount of number, it is pretty much beyond everything.

My favorite place in the world, as of now, would be my dormitory's rooftop. Aside from the fact that it shows a spectacular view of the sky and the city together, it has been my emergency room. When my school works are piling up higher and higher, I will go to the rooftop for about half an hour or less just to breathe. When things are getting into my mind too fast, I run there for about an hour or more, just to calm down. When I am having writing fits (I always know almost immediately when to categorize them as serious writing fits or simply mind gibbering), I will climb to the rooftop with my pen and paper, get a good spot where I can see all the city lights, and stay there for as long as the writing fit is over. My playlist was the only thing that accompanied me through those moments, and I wouldn't have it any other way. And in those moments, I really did feel infinite.

I am not sure if it is all because of the liberating ambiance the sky brings or the superiority that entails with the busy city right below you, but I just felt that way. However, those weren't the only moments when I feel infinite. I feel so when I am walking carelessly alone and when I am having good conversations with anyone (the best would be when the topic is but a trivial thing, yet you will all arrive in different perspectives!), so it means that there are really no distinct factors that can be considered.

But I have came down to the equinox of everything: There's always music. Or at least for me.

So I came up with a mixed tape/ mixtape of the songs that will bring you to infinity. (I know that the generally accepted term would be a playlist, but I would rather have it that way, it adds to the infinite feeling, trust me).

Mixtape #1: To Infinity

1. Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want- The Smiths
2. William, It Was Really Nothing- The Smiths
3. Eyes Wide Open- Gotye
4. Young Blood- The Naked and Famous
5. Come on Eileen- Dexys Midnight Runners
6. Spotlight- Mute Math
7. Friends- Band of Skulls
8. This Is Not a Test- She & Him
9. Bad Kids- Black Lips
10. Mushaboom- Feist

I am not sure if these songs will bring you to infinity or at least make you feel that certain liberation I am feeling when listening to them. But you could at least try, and I would love to hear how you've reached infinity.

“I know there are people who say that all these things don’t happen. I know these will all be stories someday. But right now, we are alive. And in this moment, I swear we are infinite.”

* Mixtapes will be a constant post here in my blog from now on.

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  1. A rooftop on your dormitory, that is awesome. Good find! I hope I have something like that in my house, a little nook to escape to whenever I feel like being alone.

    Thanks for sharing a download link of your mixtapes. However, sharing copyright materials is illegal, right? Just giving you a headup.