National Book Store Christmas Book Bazaar

If there is one place where you can travel from one world to another without any troubles, it would probably be a book store. And in time for the Yuletide season, the Philippines' most popular book store have conducted a Drop Priced Haven For Your Godchildren aka Christmas Book Bazaar!

I would never forgive myself if I'll miss this one as I have missed the first. Uggh, actually, there is nothing much I want to say so I'd rather get on with the photos.

The common technique was that you grab everything you see and then kill yourself... I mean select the best picks you would want to go home with.

Honestly, I am quite disappointed to myself. I have already built quite a decent standard on books so I ended up filtering too much. Plus, I have already swore to myself that life is too short that I should never indulge myself in reading something trashy. So from those two baskets I have only bought two books. 

I am not sure if it's the scent of maturity that's pushing me to read books under the Life and its Lamentations category (LOL Where did I get that?!). I find myself drifting away from the make-believe worlds I have always reveled upon, spare of course from Alice's Wonderland.

Pre and post event photos.

We strolled around Bonifacio High Street. It was my first time to be there, so I was trying to decipher why it was called a High Street. There wasn't any steep slope or whatnots, so it's probably because the people there are High. If they're stoned or simply on the upper ladder of society, you decide.

The Fullybooked branch was heaven!! I would really build a camp somewhere around just so I can go there everyday.

There was a bible-inspired version of The Hobbit. I find it really fancy.

The music floor was heaven!

If you're in the mood of culturing yourself or if you're getting troubled with exchange gifts, trust me, a book can never go wrong. The National Book Store Christmas Bazaar will be up until November 29 (Thursday) in front of National Book Store Market! Market! branch. Goooo!

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