12 Awesome People of 2012

Perhaps my previous posts have already convoked this but I would say it all over again: 2012 is by far, the most colorful year I ever had. Everything came plummeting right in front of me and I didn't have the chance to filter any of them... but thank goodness I didn't.

Though I am partly selfish, I would not take all the credits. This year is not purely made by myself alone just like anybody else's. I have been thoroughly touched by (often strange) people I have recently met. The lens actually varies, it is either they did me something entirely great that helped me or did something entirely hurtful that, well, still helped me. But then again, I am thankful- at the truest sense of the word.

1. Dr. Cecilia M. Mendiola
I can actually proclaim that she is the reason why I am pursuing literature. Although it is quite given that writing has always been my first love, literature has never been my choice (actually, I didn't know such course exist!). Indecisiveness is my nature, so needless to say, I wasn't sure about literature back then. But due to some certain forces (divine providence? world conspiracy?) Dr. Mendiola was the one who welcomed me to our university's literature department. And alas! I was so endeared with her magic that I told myself that at any rate, I should spend some time of my life with her... and so I got AB/BSE Literature as my degree.

2. Junie Mart Talisay
As much as I don't want him to be here, well, he deserves it. A boy so influential he coined the word orgasm in my everyday vocabulary (oh no please don't think he's hot... well he's intellectually hot)! My desire to personally bring his downfall has brought something nice out of me (or so I think). He is by far, the most flummoxing person I have ever met that at some points I am quite flummoxed with myself as well. But above all, the best thing he did to me was to introduce The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and with that I am irrevocably thankful for.

3. Robert Madrilejos
The epitome of strength and courage! He is quite the complete juxtaposition of my nature: while I am weak and immobile he is strong and... flaunting. It is only once in every people's lives do we see a creature this strong and beautiful, and I am really thankful I got that privilege.

4. Maria Francheska Berdin
The most kindred-hear person I have ever met. The irony though in her is that no matter how soft and fragile she seems to be, you all have got no idea how dramatic her life is. And we are stitched by the most important thing in the world.... FOOD!

5. Benjamin Villarico
Pretty much the most talented person I have ever met (hopefully yet). I am thoroughly hoping that at some point in future his raw artistry will shine and I would proudly say that I knew him once.

6. Rona Monderin
The funniest woman that ever lived! A literal world-shaker that will make everyone laugh non-stop!

7. Raffy Villanueva
It is nice to meet someone who share the same passion as you do: literature and football! I will not be surprised if one day I will be flipping through one of his novels... a living (and perhaps more in love) John Donne!

8. Pia Marie Besmonte
The epitome of the word sexy. Confidently brilliant, brilliantly confident. Seeing her makes me realize the endless possibilities a true woman can do. Someday, I'd be like her, I hope.

9. Mr. Alvin Tugbo
Serving fun and literature in a silver (and spiked!) platter!

10. Ms. Jennifer Jocson
I am very much sure she would not stay on this position next year. What I am not sure of is her manner of climbing: would it be lain beautifully or disastrously? The decision is up to me actually, perhaps the former?

11. Gino M. Santos
The director of the CINEMALAYA film The Animals! Well, I really haven't met him personally, but he's awesome (and so is his movie) so that would suffice. I really do wish he'll have another entry for CINEMALAYA 2013!

12. Rainy Martini
I am pretty unsure if I have just met her this year (well, not personally) but I have just recently realized how awesome she is. My main inspiration to photoblogging, Rainy "Without a Camera" Martini! I hope to see her personally someday.

I don't know how, or better yet, I don't want to put an encore to this post. I'd be seeing these awesome people still, hopefully.

I am trying my very best to conceal my emotions, did I succeed?

*I do not own nor claim any of the photos used. Credits goes to their rightful owners.

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  1. Those are indeed amazing people. I was thinking of doing the same as well. Writing down every good attribute (or even that no so good one) of those people who impacted my life. My laziness and busyness is keeping me from doing it.
    Good for you. Happy New Year! God bless!

  2. There will always be awesome people around us. :)