12 Awesome Songs of 2012

It's official- I have just recently experienced puberty. When I was around fifteen, I was quite bothered by the fact that I don't seem to live life as a teenager. Apparently, my latency period covered my whole high school days: very little emotion towards the opposite sex, defiance over rebellion and... Bic Runga on my playlist while I should have had Justin Bieber.

I don't know, perhaps it is all pre-destined to happen during my college days. 50% is caused by my utter personal growth (I reckon); 25% by the awesome people I've met that truly required maturity to accommodate; 15% by the books I have read, and still reading; and the remaining 10% by my innate (yabang) good taste in music I have realized just now.

I know most of the songs indicated were written way before 2012, but I've just heard them this year. I told you I'm a late bloomer. This kind of work for me though, it kind of gave me the title "Cool Music Reborn-er". Hahaha.

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