12/12/12: Heights and Hues

This is simply the part two of my 12/12/12 post! I would let the photos speak. I honestly think this is one of my best photography posts so far. =)

The most poetic experience I had- EKstreme! It's amazing what you can do under peer pressure.

Si Kuya camwhore, nagpoproject!

It's either he was too fast in tumbling or I'm too slow in clicking.


Us... I mean, them.

Classic Rhea.

The infinity ride! (Flying Fiesta)

Best shots. =))

We were able to see some celebrities as well, ironic though was that we remained stoic at that moment but when Jollibee (mascot) came running to us we were so frenetic. 

It was really fun to see people having fun, especially those you know who are in pain (due to external forces and even self-infliction). Basta, it's too fishy to explain.

It was an amazing day... truly close to infinity.

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