12/12/12: Pots and Clays

12/12/12 had been really fun for me, all because I had the chance to share it with my classmates who are equally as awesome as how I think I am. In short, it was our field trip. That's all.

We went to two itineraries which were ahmmm, a clay factory? and Enchanted Kingdom. My classmate let me hold her digital camera for the entire trip and I was so ecstatic on taking pictures! As a result, this photodump will be divided into two, those I took at the clay factory and those at Enchanted Kingdom.



A sneak peak to the part 2:

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  1. Dropped by here. Those post were good. Happy holidays!

  2. Hello! those swan were beautiful :).
    Merry Christmas!

  3. Lucky you got Enchanted Kingdom for field trip. Clay factories are much better than Jellyace factories I think. HAHA! We just took a quick tour and it was so hot inside. Well those were the days of my first school trip. HAHA!